5 Best Makeup Brands for Lipsticks You Must Try in 2019


Makeup has become an important part of our day to day to life and no look is complete without lipstick. Almost every female whether it be a mom or a teenage girl everyone is addicted to color their lips and without lipstick they feel that their makeup is incomplete.

Lipstick is a cosmetic product and it is makeup of different types of wax, oils and pigments. It was invented back in 18’s and became commercialized. Since its invention it has been a sign of boldness and femininity. Lipstick is made in different colors representing our mood and matching our dress. A single shade of a lipstick can change the whole look of a person. Dark shades mostly represent evil personality while warm and smooth colors show the innocence of a person.

Lipstick are of different shades and are of different types like tint, Matte, Glossy, Cream and frosted lipsticks. There are a lot of companies manufacturing different types of lipstick in Pakistan and it became difficult for a customer to select the lipstick so below is the list of top 5 Pakistani brands of lipstick manufacturer who manufacture the top quality lipsticks. We can get detail about these companies from e360 web portal.

Luscious Cosmetics

This company has been manufacturing makeup and lipsticks in Pakistan from quite a long time. They have manufactured some really good quality products in the market and MUA swears for these products. Their contour kit is also amazing like their lipsticks.

Zay Beauty

This company is new in the line of cosmetic but they have made their name in a very few time. They also import their products internationally so many people can have the excess to them. They give us desi vibes hence they have desi names.

Masarrat Misbah

Masarrat Misbah is not the new name for anyone. They have given their services in the field of makeup industry. Masarrat Misbah introduced her makeup line in 2014 and since that time at has become a favorite brand of almost every Pakistani.

Note by J.  

This famous brand is on the top list in manufacturing the makeup products. This brand is by Junaid Jamshed. They manufacture lipstick along with sample. They introduce lip colors mostly of soft and warm colors and matte gloss are their plus point. Their price range is also inexpensive.


This brand is old in the field of makeup industry. Medora of London manufacture affordable lipsticks for almost for everyone. They have wide range of colors.These were some of the top lipstick brand working right now. Lipsticks which are of good quality shoild only be used. We should avoid the cheap products as they can have some severe problem for us.


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