5 Health Benefits of Consuming Butter


Butter is an amazing dairy product which contains almost every nutrient that are beneficial for the healthy body. It is an organic product which we get from the milk or cream. It is formed when milk is stirred for a long time. Water is removed from the milk and the membrane of the fat breaks down and these fats join together to form the thickness that is required to form the butter. When butter is put in the fridge it becomes thick but when it is put at room temperature it is turned into liquid oil.

Butter have many health benefits. It can improve our immune system and make us strong. We can improve and protect vision by including butter in our diet. It also regulates the hormones. It reduces heart problem and also blood pressure.

 Following are some of the health benefits of butter:

Cardiovascular Problems

Organic butter is actually good for heart. Organic butter contains omega-3 which is good for heart. Because of omega-3, omega-6 gets destroyed. Omega-6 is considered to be bad for heart. We should consume organic butter rather than processed butter and margarine.


Butter contains carotene which is very important nutrient for human body. This nutrient is either converted into antioxidant o vitamin A. it fights the disease causing viruses in body.it protects the body from infections. Vitamin A stimulates the cell regrowth and repair the cell.

Thyroid Problem

Vitamin A in present in butter in excess. To regulate the hormones, vitamin A is necessary. It helps to protect us from thyroid problems. We should take butter in moderate amount.

Eye Care

Butter contains carotene which is very useful for the eyes. It protects the eyes and act as booster for better eyes. It also keeps the eyes safe from angina pectoris, cataracts and other eye problems.

Healthy Bones

All the basic nutrient for the healthy diet are include in Butter. It also contains magnesium, zinc, iron, copper which are very important for bone health. It repairs the bones and helps in growth.

These are some of the health benefits of using butter. Its better to consume butter in moderate amount. Include better in your diet. We should only use organic butter and not the processed or margarine.


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