5 Most Affordable Cars in Pakistan Which Everyone Can Buy


Buying a car in Pakistan has become easy than ever before because now you can buy the car through installments or lease from bank. Car is not only luxury but it has become necessity now a day. It’s one-time investment. Car is like our partner when we want to go on long drive. It gives us company and help us to cover the distance in comfort and ease. There are many affordable cars available in Pakistan. Many brands and models of different cars available in the market. One should buy the car by keeping in mind its need and buy accordingly.

There are many cars available in the market. let us discuss some of them in this blog to help you to figure out which car you should buy according to your family and needs.

affordable cars in Pakistan

Toyota corolla

This is the choice of most Pakistani. It is manufacture in japan and its spare parts are easily available here in Pakistan. This car can store fuel up to 55 liters which is why it is preferred for long routes. It is available in many different colors like black, white, grey, mica etc. It has electric power steering, power window, high performance, and a standard air-conditioners which makes it more popular.

suzuki mehran

Suzuki Mehran

Suzuki Mehran is made in Pakistan and is available at very reasonable price. If you can’t buy expensive car, then this is what you should have. Mehran is very fuel effective i-e it consumes very less fuel. It has two spoke steering wheel, air condition, and five speed manual transmission is what people buy it for. This is one of the most affordable cars available in Pakistan.

affordable cars in Pakistan

Suzuki Cultus

Suzuki Cultus is the choice of many Pakistani. It is ideal for small families. This car is among the top selling cars in Pakistan. it is available in many colors like white, silver, black, blue, red and much more. You can also have customized CNG fuel system. It has power steering, power door system and power window with beautiful interiors and exteriors.

honda civic

Honda Civic

This is famous throughout the world because of its strong performance. It is very reliable and comfortable for long journeys. Young drivers love this car as it can be modify according to their needs and demand. They can modify it into sports car. Its braking system is very good and it can really help to stop the car in panic situation in a very friendly manner.


Daihatsu Cuore

Daihatsu Cuore is very friendly car and is ideal for small family. It is made in japan and is very fuel effective car with comfort and durability. It consumes very less fuel, 4.5 liters for 100km. it has 2 spoke steering system along with power steering and airbags as well.


These were the top 5 most popular cars in Pakistan which everyone can afford. If you want to buy a car and want to stay in budget, then these cars are for you. Select any car according to your needs and you are ready to rock the road. In which color do you want your car to be? My personal favorite is black what’s yours?


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