6 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar in day to day life


Apple cider vinegar is found in kitchen. It is use for many purposes. Apple cider vinegar is form when the apple cider is fermented with bacteria and yeast. It is used for making the skin glowing to many DIY. It is also added in salad to make the salad tasty and healthy. Apple cider vinegar is use to wash the hair that make them shinny. We can also add it in different soups, drinks, curries etc.

It is use in cleaning the home and also works as a beauty ingredient. It has many uses, some of which are below:

Lowers the blood sugar level

Apple cider vinegar is known to control the blood sugar level. Taking a small amount of it after high-carb meal can be very beneficial for the diabetic patients. It improves the insulin sensitivity. But one thing should be kept in mind. If you are on medication, then you should 1st consult the doctor as it may have some reaction with medication.

Weight loss

Apple cider vinegar is widely use to loss the weight. It makes the person feel full so the person consumes fewer calories. belly fat is also loss by using apple cider vinegar.

Preserves food

Apple cider vinegar like any other vinegar have acidic properties in it. These properties are really helpful in preserving the food for a very long period. Because of the acidic nature of vinegar, any kind of bacteria and germs are kill that may spoil the food.

Home cleaning

Apple cider vinegar is widely use for cleaning purposes.it have anti-bacterial properties which help to kill the germs and bacteria.

Clean fruits and vegetable

Most of the fruits and vegetable we buy from market pesticide residue on them. They are clean by using the apple cider vinegar. This kills the bacteria and any other chemical which can’t be washed with simple water.

Facial toner

Apple cider vinegar works as an excellent toner for the skin. It helps to make the skin glowing and reduce the signs of ageing.

These were some of the most useful benefits of apple cider vinegar. If you have sensitive skin, then dilute the vinegar before applying it on the skin. It is use to kill the bacteria but is not as effective as the commercial cleaning agents.


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