6 Unique Uses Of Corn And It’s Derivatives


We all know corn as the food supplement. Corn is well known for its health benefits as it contains all the basic nutrient. It is the American cereal plant. Corn contains large grain or kernel in it. Apart from food, it is also use as a fuel, in beauty products, as a deodorant and corn oil is famous throughout the world. It has ethanol is it is which use in oil and gas industries. Most of the time we are unaware of the things we are using that are made up of corn. It is inexpensive crop that is why it is mostly prefer.


Cornstarch is use to bind the medicines and vitamin’s tablet. They are the natural products that is why they are friendly for human health. Cornstarch from corn is use to keep the tablet together and provides the coating of the tablet. It is safe to use as it contains the natural ingredients.


Yes, you read it right. corn’s derivatives are use in crayon as it removes the crayon from the mold easily.

Vitamin C

Corn is a great source for vitamin C in taking. Half cup of corn contains the vitamin C which a body needs for working properly.

To Treat Common Flu

Corn syrup is the main ingredient in cough drops. It is use to give sweet taste to the cough drops. As it is cheaper than the normal sugar that is why it is mostly preferred.


Corn is inexpensive in nature that is why corn syrup is use as a sweetener for candies. It is use to make the candies sweet and flavorful. Apart from that cornstarch is use to provide detailing to the candies. They are use to keep the candies separate from each other.

Beauty Ingredient

Cornstarch is use in many beauty products. It has absorbing power that is why is use in many deodorants. Many hand sanitizers also contain corn derivatives that is ethanol.

These were some of the most unique uses of corn and its derivatives that we were not aware of. It is use as food, oil, beauty ingredient etc. Corn syrup is inexpensive that is why it is mostly prefere.


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