A vital role of social media in our lives:

A girl using her smartphone

What is social media? Who would not know the answer of this question, even in today’s electronic media. Where everything in your life has become an integral part of putting everything onto a social platform. A time where you can see toddlers to use these smartphones and social media stuff.

It is true that internet and social media has connected people to one another. You can talk to anyone, anywhere in any corner of the world. You can share your thoughts, your feelings, your motivation, your experiences, fun, and every single and smallest thing in your life. Where you travelling, what you eating or drinking, everything is became part to share on social platform.

The question is, what exactly are we doing on social media, is correct or not? We can take this in positive and negative in both way. Means advantages and disadvantages. First we talk about the connection of people to each other. This is my personal experience that we are connected we are more connected with a person on the internet, than the person sitting next to us.

How well we connected to each other:

When we gather, we all more busy in phones, on our social media accounts, instead of talking to each other. Instead of knowing what is going on in the life of the person who is sitting next to us, we take interest more on what’s going on social world.

In past time people were more concerned about each other problems, happiness and problems. Most of them were happy for others by what they doing and what they having. They were not fake. But now more than convincing ourselves, we are more likely to concern others by showing them that we are happy.

As well as parents don’t sit with their children, they aren’t able to give a proper time to their child. Due to social media lack of the communication has built up. Because whether it is old or young everybody engaged themselves into this race. That’s why parents complaining that their kids don’t give time to them, same as the children’s have the same complain for their parents.

The things we mostly do:

When we go on family trip or friend’s trip, everyone is always busy by capturing themselves in different poses, making videos more than to enjoy the views, the company of each other and more like this. Same as when we go on lunch or dinner, we do same with our food.

When we saw something controversial instead of debating we all fighting to each other in comments box. Everyone putting their point of view without knowing that how his words will affect others. Did we ever think that by posting our outfits photos, food, entertainment, fun, and so on that how it will feel to those who cannot afford all of this?

Please don’t think that I am against of all of this, not at all, but this is also a fact that we value the device in our hands more than we value humans. After opening our eyes the first thing which we do is to find our phones and to check our messages.

But despite all this, social networks have also made people’s lives easier. Through this platform we bring to share major issues in front of the world. People earn from this, and being famous is not a difficult thing in these days through social media.

Anyhow there can be a lot of advantages and disadvantages of social media. It can be a long debate and I don’t want to bore you. This is my perception yours can be completely different.


Anyhow we cannot deny that social media play a vital role in our daily life. To keep in touch with our friends and family we use social media even for to make new friends. Besides that all of us want to show to the world that what is happening in our life by posting our pictures and videos.


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