Styles and designs of Abaya You May Know?

Styles of different Abaya

Abaya is a type of clothing that women wore as an outer garment. Abaya wears in Muslim culture as this is the basic part of women in Islamic society. In this modern time, you will different abaya designs. Different abaya designs and styles are popular in different countries. Before anything, I will share a small part of the history of Abaya.


Abaya was worn for hundreds of years before Islam. The garment was often worn by urban centers. For many people, Abaya is a proud and highly regarded culture.

Abaya is often worn in Middle East countries, especially in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf Region. Women wear this garment when they leave their homes. The main purpose of wearing Abaya is to cover the body. The design of Abaya is stitched in a way that can hide the curves of the body.

Abaya can be inserted by the head, but it also opens up in front and close with a zip or button.




Abaya comes in two different styles, it is worn by shoulders and also by the head. Well at first glance Abaya looks simple and plain, but actually, it has many styles. Now women stitched it according to the occasion and events. On general-purpose, they wear plain and simple ones, but for weddings, parties and going for special purposes at someone’s place they wear embroider Abaya.

In Gulf, region females match their shoes and purse with the border of their Abaya. You will find different variations on Abaya like cuff sleeves, necklines, beds, sequins. You can embellish the Abaya with lace, ribbon, crystals, etc. There is tale Abaya and flared Abaya is also most wearing styles.

Big brands like Versace, Yves Saint Lauren also made haute couture Abayas. Black is still traditional and basic color in abayas. But the rest of the colors like pink, blue, purple are also used.

Different types of Abaya:

You would be surprised by my comment that Abaya is the most comfortable and easy to wear. If you are a job person or an employer you even can go in your night suit pajamas. How? Just pull on your Abaya wear it and go on your duty, simple. No one knows what you wear under your black garment.

Not only at job, even if you are going on your anniversary dinner or birthday party, simply do your make up, pull over your Abaya and that’s it. Abaya gives you a complete look, so stop wasting time by thinking that which pants or shawl will match with your top? Stay comfortable.

Closed Abaya:

Black Abaya is customary and simple. The abaya is closed because it has no buttons in front of it. For some, this is a very easy and convenient option because it hides what is worn underneath. You just need to wear tights perhaps. It’s easy to wear but the only thing which can be affected is your movement which can be restricted.

Open Button Abaya:

As the name implies obviously comes with the front button. This one is also a more popular option for the following reasons.

The Flexibility of styling more than 1 option.

Flaunt it for any event.

Button sometimes starts to loosen over time you need to sew them back.

Your movement or steps not restricted in the open button abaya.

If it’s a half button abaya then you should wear a proper paints.

The Cardi Abaya:

This cardi style has no front buttons, making it akin to a cardi. It depends on the design, it may come with a belt or sash or may not. This is one of the more modern designs. With trousers, skirts, dresses, it gives you the flexibility of dressing as you like. Tension-free about the buttons coming off. But a little effort required by wearing this one as you need to wear top and bottom both underneath.

Two-Piece Abaya:

It is down to the hands of the highest priced Abaya because it is a 2 in 1 Abaya! You can wear it both ways like a close abaya or abaya cardi. Since the inner is already sewn in an abaya, you can slip your hand in bisque and you are ready to go with jeans and more.

If you wore this a closed abaya you need to wear only leggings.

Bottom line:

The similar garments in some other countries known as chador or burqa, but their design are slightly different and wear differently. Silk and satin and crap silk fabrics are mostly use in Abaya as a material.


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