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So clothing is a basic necessity of life. People have been using clothes for thousands of years. Its main purpose is to cover all body parts. And in Islam clothes are very important and for women there is a special piece of cloth known as abaya. It is very important for a woman. And it is basically how Muslim women are differentiated from other women. It is a woman’s dignity a sign of women respect. It’s been in use for as long as the beginning of Islam.

Embroidery Abaya

It was Prophet Muhammad’s (S.A.W) message that a woman should always cover her full body when leaving her house. That’s why mostly women instead of wearing huge piece of cloth (Chadar) preferred to wear abaya. This shows its significance in Islam. In modern days there are variety of abayas to choose from a lot of different designs a lot of different colors many varieties variations.

Classic Abaya

These days it has become handy for women like if they want to go out with their family or friends and they do not have to wear anything heavy so the prefer to wear abaya that it is the best thing no matter what you are wearing just put on a abaya and they are ready to go where ever they want while on the other hand men will take some time picking what they want to wear. And if there is some kind of emergency then women can just throw on a abaya and they no longer have to go out looking like they have just got up from bed it’s very useful very handy and most importantly it’s religious.

Different Color

They are present in different colors and provide you beautiful looks.

Different Color of Abaya


E360 will provide you the best companies that are providing best quality of abayas with best price of your range so you can buy them and increase your dignity also save time from going out and searching one by one on different markets and shopping centers.

Faisalabad Fabric Store

Zaheer & Co.

Yasir Apparel


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