Adverse Side Effects of Drinking Soda Drinks


Soda drinks are very dangerous for our health. They have some serious adverse side effects on our body. Soda drinks are consumed by many people of almost all the age group. It has carbon dioxide, colors and a lot of sugar in them which effects the body parts. Soda drink is banned in most of the school, colleges and universities but still they are consumed every day.

It includes coca cola, Pepsi, 7up, Maranda etc. They contain sugar which is really harmful for the teeth and they have adverse effect on the waistline, heart, kidney. Soda drink makes the person fat, if taken in excess. 1 glass of soda drink contains almost 22 teaspoon of sugar. It has many side effects which most of us are not aware of.

Below are the side effects of drinking the carbonated drinks:

Kidney Problem

soda drinks contain excess amount of sugar in it. This causes the decline in the proper functioning of the kidney. This organ is adversely effected by drinking the coke, Pepsi, 7up etc.

Diabetes Risk

As mentioned earlier soda drinks contain sugar which puts stress on the pancreas which ultimately disturb the insulin level in the body. This increase the risk of diabetes.


Soda drinks mostly contain caffeine in them which increase the production of urine. It makes you to urine more frequently making you dehydrated. Because of all this the body cells are not able to absorb the nutrients. All this causes the body to eliminate the waste with more difficulty.


A small glass of soda drink contains 22 teaspoon sugar. This is a huge amount of calories. A walk for almost 1 hour burn these calories. this also causes the gain in weight and promotes obesity.

Heart Risk

People who drink the soda drink are more prone to heart disease than the people who don’t drink much of the soda drink.

These were some of the most adverse side effects of consuming soda drinks on daily basis. Carbonated drinks are really harmful for every person. We should try to avoid using soda drink as much as we can. Try to consume soda drinks without colors.


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