Are you ready to fuel your workout?

Snacks fuel your workout

If you work out in the morning, during your lunch break or at night, it does not matter. What important is pre workout snack. Whatever activity you are doing they help you to ensure that your body has everything it needs to fuel itself. Whether it’s squats, lungs, push-ups, jumping jacks or tennis. So are you ready to fuel your workout?

After many information there is still confusion out there that what is the best type of snacks are? Shell they be high in proteins, carbohydrates, multiple nutrients, and some healthy fats. Of course, it is very important to select right food to the success of your workout.

Timing is essential:

Going to the gym or for your workout make sure that you eat something before 30 to 60 minutes. It will fuel up your energy because on empty stomach you are not allow to do your activity. On empty stomach you are in danger of breaking down valuable muscles tissues, instead of burning fat.

Quantity matters:

It is important that how much amount of snacks you should take before your workout or exercise. A little amount of snack is enough to get you through a 45 minutes workout. But if you are planning more than 45 minutes activity whether it is weight training session, 2 hour run or a long cardio.

snacks u need to take to fuel your workout

Choose quality food:

“Keep your friends close and your snacks closer”

Your food requirement is based on your age, height, weight and physical activity. So here we will suggest some of the snacks from low intensity to medium intensity. Hopefully you would like it.

• A handful dates

• A piece of toast with nut butter

• An apple or pear

• Heart healthy cereal

• Low fat milk

• Low-fat yogurt fresh fruit and orange juice

• Salad


Eating the right snacks will help you out to do your activities properly. This is my small effort to get you a right plan to take your snacks before going on your exercise. I hope I didn’t disappoint you, did I?


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