Introducing Banana Peel Benefits In A New Light

Awesome banana peel benefits you may not know before

While we all know that the flesh of the banana is a great source of nutrients vitamins minerals proteins fibers and potassium. Banana peels are easy to just throw away but what you may not know is the banana peel benefits. Like most food, the skin of the banana comprises nutrients and fibers to complement the inside flesh.

Banana peel is surprisingly the most useful part of the fruit. And can help to provide a wide array of benefits. Some of the best advantages of banana peels include.

Banana peel Providing Energy:

Providing energy benefits of banana peel

Due to the fact that bananas are rich in minerals and vitamins banana peels are great sources of energy. Consuming two banana peels can help to provide you with enough energy. To help you work out for an hour and a half. With its high levels of fibers and nutrients, it can help to fill you up. Without giving you empty calories or the caffeine crash that all coffee drinkers are accustomed to.

For consuming banana peels you need to wash it thoroughly and boil it for 10 minutes to kill any germs. While banana peels may not have a pleasant taste. They may be used in smoothies with other fruits or eaten alone.

Teeth whitener:

If you are looking for a DIY teeth whitener you can wipe up at home, this is the way to go. Banana peels are great for teeth whitening. Simply cut off a piece of the peel and rub your teeth with the white part of the peel. This will make them whiter and give you a bright smile.

Banana peel for Skin treatments:

Banana peel benefits for skin

If you are looking for a way to improve your skin texture and get healthier skin. Or if you are suffering from acne and related issues. Smash a banana peel in a mortar and pestle to make a paste and apply on your body and face like a mask. Rinse off once it starts to dry. Repeat twice a week for healthy glowing skin. The same method work to eliminate scars also. If you tape a piece of the peel over a splinter for 30 minutes. The enzymes will help the splinter move to the surface, according to prevention.

Banana peel treat Psoriasis:

Psoriasis is a very common skin ailment that causes red dry patches of skin to be formed. And looks like a red plague with white scales. If you have psoriasis, using a banana peel and rubbing it topically on the affected area. It can help to reduce the itching and also help to heal the wounds naturally.

Bowel health:

banana peel benefits for bowel

Due to their rich concentration of fibers banana peels are great for constipation and other bowel issues. If you are experiencing any problem with your bowel movement consuming. Banana peels can help to give your body the roughage it needs. And can help to soften the stool allowing it to be passed smoothly through the body.

The soluble and insoluble fibers in the banana peel can help to promote digestion and reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood.

Beneficial for Mood Enhancer:

Banana peels contain tryptophan which is a key ingredient that can increase the secretion of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that helps to balance moods and emotions in the body. And is also called the happy hormone. Research has shown that consuming two banana peels a day. It can help to increase serotonin levels by 16% and can be used to treat depression.

Get rid of your headaches:

Banana peel benefits for headache

Now you have known that banana has a lot of nutritional benefits and how the peel can help you with your beauty regiment. But do you know that banana peel can even get rid of your headaches? We read that bananas will give you an energy boost before exercise and the minerals help to prevent cramping. 

Some health clinic encourages patients with heart disease to eat bananas because people who have normal functioning kidneys and high blood pressure.

Often a high potassium diet helps lower blood pressure low sodium, high potassium might lower blood pressure. That might be why some people claim bananas relieve their headaches. Some people claim taping the peel to the forehead and back of your neck will take away the headache in half an hour.

Some other benefits of banana peel:

Banana peels can help soothe bug bites and toxin ivy. It will not remove the oils that cause the itching but it will soothe the bite or rash altogether.

Silverware polish:

Mix banana peel with water and use it on your silver to take the polish off with a soft cloth.

Rose food:

If you are a rose lover then it will excite you that feeding your roses with banana peels awesome food because bananas are rich in calcium and magnesium. As well as various other trace minerals that your flowers love.

Tomato plant fertilizer:

Swaddle a banana skin around your tomato starts when you plant them in the garden. And they will enjoy the nutrients from the peel, as they grow throughout the summer.

Banana peel message:

It is a fun thing to do leave a message for your kid on their banana peel by pricking out characters beside a toothpick. The skin will bruise and there will be a dark brown message for your sweetie pie lunchtime.

Shoe polish:

Did you know banana skins on the inside make a great footwear polish? Simply rub it around your shoe and then buff it with a white fabric.

Banana boat campfire dessert:

This recipe will entertain all who are sitting nearby the campfire.

Wart cure:

Banana peels have been used by countless individuals to remove warts. It is very simple tape a small piece of banana peel over the wart skin side out and leave on overnight that’s it.

Less ripe bananas work great as the restorative agent seems to become less effective with age. It just takes approximately one to two weeks to remove a wart with a banana peel.

Benefit for Anti-depressant:

Researchers have discovered that drinking fermented banana peel water or juicing the skin can reduce depression.

Splinter removal:

Banana peels ease splinters out of your skin. Put the banana peel on a splinter with athletic tape for a while and then try to help the Splinter out.

Helps to cure Bruised:

Banana peels on the inside if robbed on a bruise it will help to make it disappear.


Nothing is useless in this world and God made nothing without a reason. There are many small things that we don’t count in but contains huge and varied benefits. If you know something else about banana peel benefits, let me see your comment below.


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