Best Historical Movies


There are many movies that are based on history. Specially, on world war one and world war two. But, a few of them are the best historical movies. They portray the ancient civilizations and culture. Human beings were more realistic and materialist in the past. This princely nature of human beings is displayed in some of the best historical movies.

Das Boot

Best historical movies

Das Boot is a German war movie. It mainly revolves around submarine battles. Moreover, it’s the only one movie that actually gives the feels of being stuck on a submarine forever. In reality, the film was shot on a very unique interior of a U-96 sub. And, the film was completed over the course of an entire year. The acting portrayal of the characters was beyond exceptional. Hence, it is a movie worth watching.

A night to remember

Best historical movies

William MacQuitty produced the movie A Night To Remember. He has seen the sinking of RMS Titanic in 1911, so he produced this movie while maintaining facts and figures. He used original blueprints of the ship to produce the movie sets. Moreover, he hired one of the surviving officers of Titanic sinking, Joseph Boxhall, to work as the technical advisor. The film is very close to the truth. When you watch it, you feel real. The ship materials used are realistic.

All the President’s men

Two Washington Post journalists, Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward broke the story of Watergate Scandal. Besides them, no one knew the story of this scandal. Sadly, they had their differences and they didn’t agree to work together on the film story about their own lives. William Goldman wrote the first script of the movie with help from Woodward. Then, Bernstein wrote his own script with the help of his girlfriend. In the end, the director and the star actor Robert Redford wrote their own scripts. The actor and the director included everything from the previous two scripts in their own script. At least they displayed a real picture in the end.


There are two movies about Stalingrad of the same name. But, it’s Vilsmaier’s German version of the movie that is considered to be the best. The film was very close to the truth. Henceforth, its making process became a documentary. Vilsmaier displayed a horrific fact about the story of one group of German soldiers suffering through one of the worst battles in history.


Best historical movies

Three different people directed Tora. It was made in two different countries. Moreover, the title if this movie is silly but it’s still the best historical movie ever made about the attack on Pearl Harbour. Tora offers a key chapter to world war two and its walts.


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