Best Korean dramas to watch


There is a trend of watching Korean dramas these days. Korean dramas are surpassing the dramas of other countries with the exception of Hollywood. Here’s a list of the best Korean dramas to watch:

Boys over flowers

Always a heartthrob actor Lee Min Ho had beautifully portrayed the role of Gu Jun Pyo in this all time favorite drama. Basically the story revolves around the four friends and a single female protagonist. With exceptional acting portrayal by the actors and directions by the director, this drama always peaks the list of Korean dramas. The clothing display in this drama rightly reflects the Korean fashion market.

Descendants of the sun

Doctors and army officials love this drama as the story revolves around a female doctor and a male Army Captain. Kang Mu Yeon and Yoo Shi Jin are the two characters who add a real element to the drama. It’s not completely fantasy fiction but instead a realistic portrayal of life of normal professionals. The earthquake incident and the extreme hard work during the series, is the best element of this drama. It’s actually worth watching.


The biggest hit of all times, Healer is a drama that you can’t resist. Healer is about the story of an introvert code named as healer, who performs the tasks of courier delivery no matter the work is legal or illegal. The second lead portrays the role of a journalist who is behind his own brother in order to unveil his wrong deeds. A complicated yet wonderful story is shown in Healer. It is the best drama of all times. The make-up of the artists of this drama was done by top fashion professionals of Korea.

The Heirs

Another Lee Min Ho hit, the heirs is a drama based on the legacy and social class distinction. Along with many other issues in Korea, the class distinction and bullying is at the peak. This drama portrayed them and put an end to them with its happy ending. The luxurious bags, dresses and make-up added a lot to the budget of the drama but its outcome balanced the budget.


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