Best Makeup Foundation in Pakistan


Are you conscious about your skin? Do you want to look beautiful and flawless? Do you want to feel confident? Do you want to step out of home and look fresh in just few minutes? Then the simple answer to all these things is a use of good skin foundation.

Foundations are thick blend of organic oils, wax and other chemicals. If we want to make our skin look fresh and flawless then it all starts with a good base or foundation. that is why using a good and foundation that match our skin tone is important. Foundation gives coverage and provides base to the makeup. No makeup looks perfect without even tone of foundation.

Foundations are of many types. Depending on our skin we have to select the right foundation. Along with the right shade of foundation, we should also select the foundation that match with our skin type. There are 2 main type of foundation one is water based that is for the oily to normal skin and the other one is oil based foundation that is for dry skin. Foundation is applied on the entire face and make our face look flawless and make the pores look less visible.

Below is the list of foundations which we can easily find in Pakistan.

Silk Foundation by Mussarat Misbah

This foundation is introduced by the famous Pakistani makeup artist Mussarat Misbah. This foundation is made especially for Asian skins. This is liquid weightless formula that tunes deep into skin. It controls oil and also moisturize the patchy skin. Its price is also affordable as compared to other international brands. Its price is between 3000-4000 only.

Too Faced Foundation

This is oil free foundation. It diffuses the lines between skin and the makeup and making the skin look flawless and fresh. This foundation can easily be found in Pakistan.

Dermacol Makeup Cover

This is one of the top selling makeup base one can find in Pakistan. Its price is also very reasonable that is from 800-1000rs only.

We can find all these makeup foundations from e360 portal where we can find the details of the manufacturer who manufacture and supply these makeup foundations. Face skin should never be taken for granted therefore we should only use those foundations who are manufactured with the best ingredients with less or no side effects.


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