Best places in Islamabad


Are you a local Pindi or Islamabad inhabitant? Or you just came to visit Islamabad? In either case, you have to find some best places in Islamabad so that you can hangout with your friends and family, so here’s a list of best places to go out in the vicinity of Islamabad.

Faisal Mosque

Best places in Islamabad

Faisal Mosque is the best place to visit in Islamabad. It is the major tourist attraction. Faisal Mosque the fourth largest mosque in the world. Furthermore, it is well-known for its modern, unique and creative design by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay. The shape of Faisal Masjid is like that of a Bedouin tent. It consists of eight roofs like shells that form a triangular hall for worship that is surrounded by four 260 feet tall minarets. Moreover this whole thing looks like huge missiles.

Pakistan Monument

Pakistan Monument is located in Islamabad at Shakarpariyan hills. It is a famous monument known as the National Monument of Pakistan. This monument was built as a tribute to the local population who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Pakistan. It speaks a lot about the history, development, and culture of Pakistan. The wall paintings on the petals of flower, creates design components of Pakistan’s society and important occasions of Pakistan Movement. It has the structure of a blooming flower.

Saidpur Village

It takes a little time to reach Saidpur Village from the center of Islamabad. On a pleasing, sunny day, it is a perfect village with a view of Margalla Hills in Islamabad for family, friends and tourist attraction. It is a mixture of traditional and modern culture. This place has the honor of going through many civilizations including Gandhara, Greek, and Buddhist, Mughal, Ashoka and the colonial times. Today, it serves as a picnic spot for the Pakistani people and the foreigners. Saidpur village has an art gallery, a temple, traditional style houses, a few restaurants and shops to keep you engaged.


Best places in Islamabad

It is a beautiful and high spot on the Margalla hills. Daman-e-koh is the well-managed and beautiful garden as well as a picnic point. It also has a golf club. Moreover, it provides a great view of Islamabad city from Margalla Hills. For nature lovers and wilderness seekers, it is the best site to visit in Islamabad. Furthermore, you can go there by driving a car and you can climb up there too. You can find a lot of monkeys here and there while you hike up the hills to reach daman-e-koh.


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