Best Sellers Books of 2020 You Must Read!

Books You must read
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Are you a book lover?

Reading is a very good habit, especially when you read a book. The world is full of knowledge, but the knowledge which you can get from book you cannot find anywhere. I always heard that book is your best friend, which is somehow true. As there are many kind of books holding every single topic of the world? It depends on your choice that what type of topics and best seller books you choose for reading? so today’s blog is about best seller books of 2020.

As due to the vast development of technology and internet, the interest of reading book is become less. I mean the material which you use to read in hard copy available now on internet. So people prefer to read online instead of buying books.

But it doesn’t mean that book lovers are not exists, they still exists with huge number. So if you are one of them i will share here with you the best-selling books of Feb 2020.

Where the crawdad sings:

Delia Owens is the writer of this best seller book. The book is about a girl who live alone and facing many ups and downs in her life. The story half part is crime drama and half is love when two men came in her life. The main character name is Kya Clark. She is intelligent and sensitive because she survived four years alone. The story author Owens reminds us that we were forever shaped by the children we were. As Kya Clark go through difficult times, but her life is full of hope.

Lost by James Patterson:

If you are a reader of thriller theme and crime so this book will increase your interest. The book is about a detective team whose in charge name is Tom Moon. The story is surrounding the America’s city Miami which is the Tom’s backyards. Tom and his talented team supposed to fight against the international crime circle who are trying to seize control in Miami. Tom and his team instigate that who are the reason behind the crimes in Europe and metropolitan Miami.

Dear Edward:

Edward is the character of the story who is travelling with family and rest of the passengers in plane. The plane was crashed and only survivor who left is Edward. The story is all about his surviving that how he fined a place for himself to live in this world. He has that feeling that a piece of him has been left somewhere in the sky and he feel tied himself with the crashed plane and rest of the passengers. The effort of surviving al alone discovered for him that how he fined a purpose of the life.


Books are our great friends who always talk to us and teach us in many ways. Nobody can deny the value and importance of the books in our lives. In this technology age we all need to make a habit that at least once in a week we will try to read a book.


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