The world’s best-selling books list

The world's best selling books

In my previous blog, I shared some of the most expensive books in the world. In this blog, I will again share some other world’s best selling books list. As I am hoping that you would be enjoyed the previous list of expensive books. So Today this list might excite you again to know some more best selling books.

So let’s get started on the list of best-selling books.

No.1 Geoffrey Chaucer the Canterbury Tales 7.5 million$:

The story goes on with the Canterbury Tales written by Geoffrey Chaucer. This book is actually a collection of 24 stories that runs over 17,000 lines written in Middle English circa 1387 to 1400. Which makes the book extremely fragile and old. Although most of the story is written in verse and prose typically for the medieval age. It focuses on a group of pilgrims as they travel from London to Canterbury to visit the shrine of St. Thomas Becket at Canterbury Cathedral.

There were only 12 copies made of this book and one of them was sold for a huge amount of 7.5 million dollars back in 1998. This expensive copy has had quite an interesting journey. It was acquired by the first Earl Fitzwilliam for only six pounds back in 1776. And then passed it on for generations until it was sold for millions of dollars 20 years ago. This cost is no wonder to anyone since the book has had a huge impact on English literature.

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No. 2 William Shakespeare comedies histories and tragedies 6.16 million $:

Shakespeare best selling books

If to be or not to be is still the question that pops into your mind then you paid attention in English class. William Shakespeare is one of the most famous and respected writers in the whole world. He contributed to the development of the English vocabulary and no matter who you ask. They sure know one of his famous tragedies Romeo and Juliet. Even though most people have heard of him or have read Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet.

Shakespeare wrote many other comedies tragedies and plays. In this exclusive list, we’re talking about the folio William Shakespeare comedies histories and tragedies from 1623. And it’s considered to be one of the most influential books ever published in the English language. Not a lot of copies were made back then and only a third of them survived since the 17th century. A few of these copies that did make it are now stored in libraries. Where people can see them and if need be use them.

One of them was actually sold for 6.16 million dollars at an auction in 2001 by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. And to think back than just one copy was sold for one pound. Today and nowadays they are one of the most expensive books in history crazy.

No. 3 Gutenberg Bible four point nine million $:

the Gutenberg best selling books

Flipping some pages we end up to a special book a unique piece of history and modernism. The Gutenberg Bible is the initial major book printed using mass-produced movable metal types in Europe. And the book that recorded the beginning of the printing press. keet in mind that this beauty was printed by Johannes Gutenberg himself in manes Germany back in 14:50 ish. That fact alone makes the value of this book skyrocket to a few million dollars. Even though it’s written in Latin.

Doing some further research I found out that only 49 copies have survived over the years. And one of them was sold for 4.9 million dollars back in 1987. Of course, it’s hard to set a value of money for the Bible the holy book God’s words. But for one of the first-ever printed versions, it can. And by the way, have you guys noticed that one of the first books that Gutenberg printed was the Bible? Today we can find around 2.5 billion copies of the Bible translated into two thousand languages.

No. 4 Henri Louis Duhamel Du Monceau Treatise on Fruit trees 4.5 million $:

best selling books

Moving on to the best-selling books list. I have an amazing and useful illustration book the treatise on fruit trees by owner Louis Duhamel Du Monceau. One of the most significant books of its sort. The first edition the one I am talking about here dates back to 1768 and it has 181 full-page edgings. It is written in collaboration and up to this day, the essays still provide essential and necessary instructions for gardeners. It might not seem interesting for some of you. But growing and keeping fruit trees in the best condition is not easy peasy.

It takes a lot of skill and knowledge and not everyone can master it. This book although it’s from the 18th century still holds the techniques most people use today. The first edition with beautiful red Moroccan leather and gold lining is estimated to be worth around sixty-five thousand dollars and 4.5 five million dollars. Which is a lot of money on fruit trees exclusively but there’s good value for money. Since the book consists of a five-volume set of illustrations and text by the author himself.

It’s a rare book from the late 1700s with fundamental work knowledge and culture of fruit trees and the Pierre. And Pierre Jean Francois Turpin’s illustrations were sold for 4.5 million dollars back in 2006. If you know an agronomist or you have a plant or tree lovers in your family then they will definitely love it.

No. 5 JK Rowling the Tales of Beedle the bard 3.98 million $:

It is probably one of the most famous female writers in history JK Rowling. She’s one of the first authors to become a billionaire. And her beloved Harry Potter series is the best-selling series of all time. Yes, she’s full of World Records and inspiration the Tales of Beedle the Bard is a children’s book. That is also mentioned in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The last book of the Harry Potter series as a gift Dumbledore gave to Hermione.

The book has been released in a limited edition of seven copies only handwritten by JK Rowling herself. One of the books the moonstone Edition was sold at auction for 3.98 million dollars and the profits were donated to charity. That’s such a JK Rowling thing to do at this price. The innovative literature book has become the most precious book of its sort scoring another record for its great author. Other than the money stats about this book I did some more digging.

To find out about its limited edition books and seems like the other six copies were gifted to those who were involved in the Harry Potter series. Another fascinating thing about this book is. It acts as a vehicle for introducing the Deathly Hallows to the Harry Hermione and Ron trio.


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