Best Watch Brands for Men


When it comes to fashion, women worry about everything while men worry about their watches. So you need to decide the best watch brands for men. Good watch brands produce good quality watches. So here is a list of best watch brands for men.


Omega has 150 years of history. A lot of time and hard work resulted in such a big brand. Louist Brandt formed Omega in Switzerland. It was formed in the year 1848. Olympic games nominated it as official time keeper for about twenty one times. NASA selected Omega as official chronometer in 1965. Omega was the watch that Neil Armstrong was wearing, when he landed at the moon. Omega watches are highly expensive but they are of quality. It is the best watch brand for men.


Rolex is also known as watch of luxury. It is the next best watch brand for men in our list. Rolex is the most popular brand among elites specially actors and actresses. Alfred David started Rolex watch brand in the year of 1905. Rolex has the honor of being the first watch brand to produce water-resistant watches. It has many features that makes it stand out.


It is one of well-known brand of watches for men as well as women. Tag Heuer makes watches and fashion accessories for both men and women. Tag Heuer is a Swiss watch company, established in 1860. This watch brand produces multitude of models of watches including timepieces. This watch brand has won many awards for its outstanding design and creativity, they are well-reputed for their unique models of wrist watches.


Best watch brands for men

I924 was the year that established citizen. It has 90 years of history of hard work and effort. Citizen topped some of the world’s most renowned technologies used for creating, producing design of the most expensive watches. Citizen watches have always been a top choice of both men and women. It is a famous and the best brand for all types of people from around the globe. This brand has also introduced a very thin and light timepiece, for which it is famous.


Best watch brands for men

This brand was established in 1875. It has 130 years of the history. This company put their all efforts to make themselves as the best brand in the world. This company was once a dangerous rival of Omega in the race to land at the moon. It is now world’s biggest watch manufacturer.


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