Best Women Clothing Brands in Pakistan


Pakistan has many brands that solely cover women’s clothing. With changing trends, these brands also change their fashion trends. While the fashion-lovers follow these trends, women love these brands. Here is a list of top women clothing brands in Pakistan.

Maria B.

Best clothing brands

Maria B. is the most favorite and the most popular women clothing brand in Pakistan. The elite class loves Maria B. They prefer it over the other brands. Maria B. is present everywhere in Pakistan. It includes all type of dresses for all seasons.

Nishat Linen

Best clothing brands

Nishat is one of the oldest and most reliable brand of Pakistan. Women are crazy over Nishat. Even teenagers and young girls want their clothes from Nishat. Nishat has progressed a lot and is still under the process of further progress. The distinguishing feature of Nishat is its floral prints and a variety in lawn dresses. It is the best brand for summer as well as winter clothing.


Women are head over heels for Khaadi. An expensive brand but one of the top trend-setter of the time. Hence Khaadi falls into the category of one pf the best women clothing brands in Pakistan. It came out in the limelight of fashion in 1998. It is basically a traditional clothing brand. Traditional kurtas and hand-made dresses are its distinguishing features.


Alkaram became a part of fashion industry in 1986. It has not that much fame as the others have but still, it is considered to be the best brand in Pakistan. Others are behind Alkaram in cost. One thing that is considered to be a plus point of Alkaram is that it offers light dresses in relatively less costs. The dresses of Alkaram include digital printing. It mostly consists of formal and casual dresses.


HSY clothing has millions of stores worldwide, in SAU, America, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan. It is the most recognized South Asian clothing brand and the top fashion designer brand of Pakistan. It was first introduced in 2000.


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