Boxing Equipment Companies in Pakistan


Sports is necessary for everyone. It is a key to healthy life. As it goes “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”. And boys as well as men tend to show their strength a lot put some muscles on their biceps. Basically many sports help them to do so but one of the sport which helps them achieve this goal is boxing. Boxing was first started in Egypt and Greeks introduced them in Olympus now that you know about its history let’s talk about its key components. Men mostly do boxing to decrease their stress and aggressiveness.


Boxing needs proper equipment to play in a correct way. Like boxing gloves, mouth guard, head guard, wrist wrap, punching bag, etc.

Wrist wraps

They are like a long strip of soft but strong fabric mainly cotton, elastic, and polyester blend which absorbs access moisture from your hands preventing them for irritation these are wraps on your wrists.

Wrist Wrap

Boxing gloves

Boxing Gloves, which are tough but soft gloves made only for boxing purposes it is made in such a way that they do not harm your hands but at the same time make sure to deliver a strong blow to your opponents face knocking them down. To deliver such powerful punches you need to practice and for this purpose they have punching bags.

Boxing Gloves

Punching Bags

Practicing on punching bags increases your strength so you can practice wherever you want and without the need of any other companion those are basically just huge bags filled with sand or saw dust mixed with pieces of clothes and the outer layer is made out of leather to ensure durability.

Punching Bag

Mouth guard

It will protect your teeth from breaking down from your opponents.

Mouth Guard

All and all boxing is a great sport for real men

E360 provide you a list of companies that are providing all these equipment so you can buy them online and start your practicing so you can fulfill your dream to become a great boxer.

FKI Sports Company

Telebrand Pakistan

Maxz Fitness Corporation

Metasco International

Warda Enterprises

Noorpak Industry


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