Breakthrough Technologies of 2019


2019 saw revolutionary changes in technology. With the advancement in information technology, the world is blooming. Scientists discovered many new things but some of them set the record of top breakthrough technologies of 2019. Now, flying cars and houses are imaginable. All of this happened with new technological inventions. Here’s a list of top breakthrough technologies of 2019.

Robot dexterity — Breakthrough Technology of 2019

Breakthrough technologies of 2019

Currently, a robot can’t grasp anything just by looking at it. But, it can now learn to harm anything on its own through virtual trial and error. One such project is Dactyl, a self taught robot that can rotate a toy building block in its fingers. Dactyl consists of a robot hand. That astonishing hand is surrounded by an organized cluster of lights and cameras. Using the reinforcement learning, the software, having networks of neurons, learns how to hold and turn the block within a working environment . The software always has a random experiment at first. Then it strengthens connections within the network over a fixed time as it reaches its goal. Usually, it isn’t possible to transfer that type of virtual practice to the real world. This happens because of the things like friction or other properties that keep on changing.

New-wave nuclear power

Breakthrough Technologies of 2019

New nuclear designs that became very famous in the past year are working hard to make this power source protective and less costly. More importantly these include fission reactors, a changing of ancient designs, small modular reactors, and fusion reactors. In short, it is a technology that has seemed previously just out of league.

Breakthrough Technologies of 2019

Canada’s Terrestrial Energy and Washington-based TerraPower developed fission 4 design. They have entered into R&D partnerships with utilities. Furthermore, TerraPower and Terrestrial Energy are aiming for grid supply by the 2020s. Typically, small modular reactors produce tens of megawatts of power. On the other hand, a traditional nuclear reactor produces around 1,000 Megawatts of power and energy. Companies like Oregon’s NuScale say that these reactors can save then money. Furthermore these reactors reduce environmental and financial risks.

Gut probe in a pill

Breakthrough Technologies of 2019

It is a small, and digestible device that captures detailed images of the gut, even in newborns and children. This pill is a great work of biotechnology. It captures the images without anesthesia. Environmental enteric dysfunction (EED) is one of the most expensive diseases to occur. The symptoms of EED includes inflamed intestines that are leaky and absorb nutrients poorly. Unfortunately, this diseases is widespread in poor countries. EED is one reason why many people there are poor. People of poor countries have developmental delays, and they never reach a normal height. No one knows the causes and treatment of EED.


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