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Health is wealth, and human can maintain good health with healthy diet which contains food, fruits, vegetables, sea food, meat, etc. fruits and vegetables play an important role in an individual health. Fruits and vegetables contains different types of vitamins that are very important for an individuals body and health.

Vitamin A

Its sources are green vegetables, pumpkin, peas, broccoli and carrot, Watermelons, pears, peaches, oranges, grapes, apples etc.

Vitamin B1

Its sources are peas and avocado, apples, grapes, peaches, cherries.

Vitamin B3

Its sources are carrots, corns, potatoes and Green pepper.

Vitamin B5

Its sources are cauliflower, avocado and broccoli.

Vitamin B6

Its sources are avocado, carrots, peas and potatoes, apples, oranges.

Vitamin B9

Its sources are onion, Spanish and lima beans.

Vitamin C

Its sources are corns, cucumber and onion, oranges, pineapple, strawberries, peaches, lemons.

Vitamin D

Its sources are mushrooms.

Vitamin E

Its sources are broccoli, green pepper and leafy vegetables, oranges, grapefruit.

Vitamin K

Its sources are broccoli, Spanish, orange, grapefruit.

All these vitamins are important for human growth both mentally and physically. You are living a busy live in which you don’t have even for yourself, its ok if you are living a busy life that you cannot go to market every day and buy some fruits and healthy vegetable for yourself, health will come to your door by giving order with a single click on any of the link below.

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Yes, like online shopping, online ordering, online work, same like that you can order food online fruits and vegetables from Islamabad, as it is capital everyone is busy in their routine work that’s we are providing you a comfort of online service of fruits and vegetables for your benefits.

Bucket with vegetables on the grass, Tomatoes Bucket Grass

With the help of this you can save time by going market and purchasing fruits and vegetables and standing in the queue for payment, it will save your time and provide you products with best quality on your place. So don’t wait and just click the link below to get a good and healthy fruits and vegetables for your good and healthy life.


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