How hair transplant works?

How do hair transplants work?

Let’s talk about hair. Some of us will apparently spend a year and a half over our lifetime. Just washing, brushing, styling,...
How to mintain mental health in covoid19?

How to maintain mental health in covoid19?

We all are going through this hard time of COVID-19. But the point is how we can stay calm, find peace, love,...
5 health tips when working from home

5 Health tips when working from home

The coronavirus has prompted countless companies to close our offices and offer employees the option to work remotely. Now working from home...
Thisis why Muslims hate Pork meat

This is why Muslims hate Pork meat

Did you know that every year approximately 110 million metric tons of pork are eaten worldwide? Pork is the most usual consumed...
Awesome banana peel benefits you may not know before

Introducing Banana Peel Benefits In A New Light

While we all know that the flesh of the banana is a great source of nutrients vitamins minerals proteins fibers and potassium....
5 easy home remedies for a stronger immune system

5 Easy Home Remedies for a Stronger Immune System

What do you do when you catch a cold or flu? Does your mother offer you some quick home remedies to help...
how handwashing can kill coronavirus

How handwashing with soap can kill coronavirus?

The world is experiencing coronavirus pandemic the worst pandemic in the last 100 years. It started in one China from there it...
want to step up your how coronavirus started?

Want to step up your how Coronavirus started?

In my previous corona blog, I told you about the updates of coronavirus. In this blog, I will tell you that how...
Here is quick review about coronavirus guidance

Here is a quick review of Coronavirus Guidance

In this blog, I am going to be looking at the novel coronavirus guidance. It’s time for an update and we're going...
The Basic principles of Proper Dental Care and Hygiene

The Basic principles of Proper Dental Care and Hygiene

As we all know that teeth are the part of our mouth which appears when we smile. There is an abundance of...
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