Styles of different Abaya

Styles and designs of Abaya You May Know?

Abaya is a type of clothing that women wore as an outer garment. Abaya wears in Muslim culture as this is the...
Uniform is describer of your profession

A uniform can describe from where you belong?

Uniform has an advantage which we will discuss in this blog. A uniform is an exceptional set of fabrics which some people,...
Women handbags uses

How Handbags are essential in women lives?

Shopping is the frailty of women. If you want to make them happy take them for shopping. The only thing which can...
Pakistan's top clothing brands

Pakistan’s Top Clothing Brands Which Every Women Loves

Pakistan is the country where we can enjoy 4 different seasons. Here we can see hot, dry summer to cold winters night....
wearing uniform

While Wearing the Uniform, You will feel proud.

What is uniform? Uniform is a kind of clothing which any organization’s members worn by while engaging theirs eves in organization’s activity....
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