a fulfill life

Ways to be happier and living fulfill life

An author, coach, and a speaker, Dr. Moses Simuyemba says that “Pursuing happiness is like trying to catch air. Just breathe and...
Jazz Launches 5G Trials for Customers in Pakistan

Jazz Launches 5G Trials for Customers in Pakistan

Zong, is a Pakistani mobile data network operator owned by China Mobile. It conducted 5G tests within the presence of senior governance...

Complete Your Look With Trendy Earrings

Are you the one who is always looking for something trendy? Want to know about the new fashion trends then this is...
Forex reserve

Pakistan Foreign reserves surge to $18 billion mark

Pakistan foreign exchange reserves surged to $18.01 billion with the fresh inflows of $582 million from various global agencies by the end...
Sheikh Zayed & Imran Khan

For SMEs in Pakistan UAE crown prince announces $200m

Abu Dhabi’s prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who visited Pakistan alongside a high-level delegation on Thursday, directed the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise...
15% cut on life saving medicines

PTI govt okays 15% cut in medicine prices

The federal cabinet on Tuesday gave the nod of approval to a 15% cut in medicine prices of 89 essential and life-saving...

Top 5 Pakistani Movie You Should Watch

Pakistan’s cinema was declining some years back. Pakistan cinema is use to entertain the audience by producing numbers of informative movies. By...
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