CFCs and Climate Change


CFCs and Climate change is the major issue these days. Campaigns are all about the climate change. This increase in CFCs and climate change needs to be stopped. Otherwise, the global economy will suffer the most. Moreover, many destructive consequences will occur. Here’s a little about CFCs, and Climate change, and their relation.

Discovery of CFCs

About fifty years ago, three chemists found that CFCs were weakening the ozone layer that functions as the natural sunscreen. Ozone layer protects humans, animals and plants from harmful radiations specially that from the sun. The discovery created chaos on the streets and shocked the public. Suddenly, aerosol sales declined. Afterwards, the agency determined that the compounds used in refrigerators and air-conditioners are a threat to environment. Very soon, efforts were made to remove CFCs because of the threat it imposed.

CFCs and Climate change

Reaction to the discovery

International action was taken at a greater speed in 1985 when a British team found a hole in the ozone layer. The hole was found above Antarctica. Later on, NASA scientists found that there is a connection between the hole and CFCs. The result was the 1987 Montreal Protocol. Actually, the Montreal Protocol was an agreement that banned CFCs and other ozone-depleting chemicals. As it happened, certain chemical substitutes for the CFCs, known as hydrofluorocarbons, proved less harmful to ozone. So in 2016, the Montreal signatories agreed to stop the production of HFCs. They started to find compounds that are more friendly to the climate.

CFCs and Climate change

Threats to Earth

Our world has two dangerous threats to its atmosphere. The ozone layer’s condition is improving. A lot of combined efforts are required in this battle against climate change. In today’s world, climate change is the top international problem. It is hot topic everywhere around the world. The areas where there was hit climate for the most part of the year, are now cold. This is a drastic change and it’s not good. Major global warming gases like carbon dioxide, play a significant role here.

CFCs and Climate change

There are efforts made in order to eradicate global warming. But, the international forum finds it difficult to deal with such a massive problem. Specially, when there are conflicts going on in other fields all around the globe.

CFCs and Climate change


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