Some shops in Islamabad to purchase computers

Apple desktop

What is computer?

Now a days who will be a person who would not know about the computer? Computer is became a part of our life without which we cannot spend a day of our life. All of the important official and personal work in bound with this machine or device called a computer. The device connect us with a person who sitting far away in the other corner of the world. The device is a programming machine which can store, retrieve and process data. You can purchase it from computer shops.

Short history of computer:

The first digital computer was built during World War II (1943-1946). The computer was designed to help the automate calculation so that they could achieve the much faster result with less error. This computer was called ENIAC and these early computers were used vacuum tubes. They were large in size like some time room size and only found in Governments, universities and in businesses.

Development of computers:

You already know that the computer has so much developed in system vise, size and in shapes since they originated till now. You can use now the computer anywhere by taking it along with you as the sizes are become in laptops and tablets which easier to carry everywhere. In old time the computers were very slow and large. The present computers become faster and smaller in size. The computer technology has become more advanced.

Computer shops in Islamabad:

Islamabad is a big city of Pakistan and famous for many things. Today I will tell you some relevant shops where you can find computers and laptops.

Laptop House:

The shop is located in Islamabad and they have all the brands of computers and laptops including accessories. The brands in laptops are available over there are Apple, Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo, and in desktop Dell.

You can order online or go by yourself on their shop to purchase your desire product.


Perpetual technology service are dealing in different services. They not only deals in computers and laptops but providing services as well. For past 15 years they are working the market. They have dedicated team of engineers, developers and technicians, who delivers the solution in of IT.

PC House:

PC house began their business in 1991 and they are located in Islamabad Pakistan. They are established and popular company and regarding customers service satisfaction they have best track record. PC house believe in keeping customers happy so for that they have very competent price.

Their staff members guide you about the market trends and also give you their best ideas. They have many brands like Toshiba, Lenovo, Nikon, Wacom, Olympus, Sony and all.


So computer is became an essential part of our life. Through computer we learn unlimited knowledge and things about everything. This is the easiest way to be in touch with people and get to know anything.


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