Consequences of the Excess Use of Hair Straightener


Let’s be honest, every woman with curly or wavy hair crave for dead straight hair once in a life time. Straight hair has always been in trend. Every woman desire to have smooth, silky, straight hair. And this desire is satisfied either at home by the help of flat straightening iron or by visiting the salon and getting the hair treatment done i-e rebounding or keratin treatment. The results of these treatments are amazing and the hair looks just perfect. But for how long? That is the main question. Does it have any side effect? The answer to this simple question is YES.

Excess of everything is bad. Whether doing straightening at home or getting it done from the salon, all these have some consequences. These side effects may be minor or major. Minor may include dullness and major includes even hair loss. Following are the side effects of hair straighteners:


Hair are made up of strands which becomes dry by the excess use heat appliances. The excess use of heat products damages the hair and they start to break and become weak.


Have you ever noticed the steam coming out your hair while straightener the hair? If yes, then it is a matter of concern. This steam is nothing but the moisture coming out of your hair. By excess use of heating products, the natural oil from hair escapes and make the hair dry and rough.

Itchy Scalp

The dryness may cause itchy scalp and this may affect the neck and forehead. It can cause some serious allergies.

Split Ends

The two face of hair are caused by the excess use of heat products being used on hair. They make the hair dry and brittle which are the major cause split ends. They make the hair look dead.

Hair Loss

The heat causes the hair follicles to die which eventually make the hair loss.

These are some of the few side effects of excess use of hair straighteners. Following steps should be taken to avoid hair damage.

  • We should try to avoid straightening our hair in excess as it is well said that prevention is better than cure.
  • Wet hair is more sensible to heat so wet should not be straighten
  • Heat protecting serums and oils should be used before straightening the hair as it gives protective coverage to the hair
  • Use hair creams and conditions to restore the lost moisture.

Firstly, try to avoid these heating products but even still you want to make your hair look straight then take these precautions before straightening them.


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