Some Thoughts and Updates on Coronavirus

updates about coronavirus

Now-a-days everywhere Coronavirus circulating in news. The main perception about this disease is that this is a deadly virus. The place which is located for this virus is China the neighbor contrary. Today I was scrolling down some informative news and I found one some coronavirus updates regarding this disease. What is coronavirus and what are its symptoms, I guess everyone knows?. If not than let me guide you a little bit. Let’s get started the coronavirus updates which I collected and summarized for you.

Symptoms of the virus:

The coronavirus cause illness from cold to severe fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulty. These are the common signs of coronavirus. The virus transmitted between people and animal as it is called Zoonotic. The result which is found after the investigation is that SARS-CoV which is the family member of Coronavirus transmitted from civet cats (cat like mammal) to humans and MERS-CoV from dromedary camels (one-humped camel) to humans.

Debunk myths about the coronavirus.

Getting the coronavirus is a death sentence:

Well, there is a lot we still don’t know about the coronavirus disease, but based on the data that is coming out it seems to be mild type of viral infection. There is a 2% fatality rate and about 18% to 20% that may be in kind of in the critical condition range. And those 2% who die are the sickest. They are in the hospitals already. So even those who are in the hospitals have probably a 98% chance of surviving. So it’s not a death sentence.

Only Chinese people have the coronavirus:

It’s started in China, but the reality is that it’s everyone’s virus. And if gets far enough, just like the flu It could be anywhere. Infection disease do not respect boundaries or borders, and for that matter everyone is susceptible.

The coronavirus is the most dangerous virus:

That is not true, there are a number of different viruses out there in the world. So let’s just compare to another type of virus. So, you have the Ebola virus disease. Which has a much higher fatality rate associate with it. The official count is now 6,000 recoveries. But, you know, one of the funny things is that we don’t usually report recoveries when someone is discharged from the hospital. So all those recoveries, probably there are many more on the way as well.

Wearing a mask will protect you?

A lot of people like to think so, and of course a mask gives you a sense of security. But the problem is that people who wear these masks usually don’t wear them properly. They have never really been trained. They may not know what kind of mask to wear? So there’s two types of masks. One, the simple of surgical mask that you see the general population wearing, and then there’s another type of mask that healthcare workers wear.

The mask is called is N85 and it’s a respirator. And it is capable to filter particles that are airborne with 95% efficacy. And the one that healthcare workers wear they have to go through call fit testing. Just to make sure that they have a perfect seal. The N85 masks are especially for those who infected with the virus, not so much for a healthy individual.

So things that actually proven to be affective is washing your hands often. Like 20 seconds, as well as obviously if you are sick, staying home. So a number of other public health measures that actually are proven to be extremely effective.

The coronavirus came from bat soup:

According to the survey it’s not correct. What all we know about the current coronavirus disease is that it started in Wuhan, in a wet market. Where there’s a number of different animals over there. There is a couple of different speculations out there, but not from somebody consuming bat soup. So according to the information is that once you actually get the coronavirus the form of transmission is obviously through droplet spread. So coming in contact with somebody that is sick close contact with them or contact their droplets shortly after.

Does the virus only effects older people?

That’s kind of half true, it effects everybody even children. The older people, however are the ones who are more likely to have severe disease or more serious disease. So all of the aged people have to be careful, but after all it effects everybody.

Does Antibiotics prevent and treat the virus?

Viruses and bacteria are two separate germs. So we would use antibiotics for bacteria, and for viruses antiviral medications use. For example with seasonal flu is a virus, and so one of the ways that we can treat or alleviate some of the symptoms. So antibiotics in this context for this virus do not work, unless you have secondary infections that are bacteria in nature.


The research about coronavirus disease is still in its early stages. There are a lot of rumors things that are not factual so all we need to go to credible sources, like public health websites or local health department’s website or even go to your healthcare provider.


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