Famous Dentist Hospitals and Clinics in Pakistan!

Smile because you are beautiful

We all are the creatures of the God and God made us beautiful. There is a saying that “everyone is beautiful in their own because God makes no mistakes”, and that’s true. But the most beautiful thing in your body is your smile. Doesn’t mean that how the person looks like, if he smiles it makes the person beautiful. The most important part in our smile is our teeth, they show when we laugh. So when you laugh and your teeth doesn’t looks nice, it may affect your smile. This is not just the role of the teeth it shows while we smile, but the most important role of the teeth is that we use it to chew our food. Healthy teeth enhance the beauty of your smile. Dentist is a friend of our teeth.

According to the Doctor we should brush our teeth twice a day, in morning and in evening. Even after doing this if we suffering from the teeth disease or tooth ache then we have to go to the doctor for this. And the person we go to is called a Dentist.

A dentist is a qualified person who treat disease or infection and other state of the condition that affect the teeth and gums, particularly the recondition and extraction of teeth and insertion of the artificial ones. There are a lot of qualified doctors all over in Pakistan.

Here we speak about some famous dental clinics & hospitals in different of Pakistan.


Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine:

In Pakistan and abroad AIDM is recognized as a prime source of dental care in Karachi and as an institution and as a dentistry it contributed a major role to the field of dentistry. In accession with University of Karachi, they offer Bachelors in Dental surgery because it is recognized by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC). A postgraduate program F.C.P.C accredited by the college of Physicians and Surgeon (CPSP) and the PhD program in partnership with Karolinska Institute Medical University Stockholm, Sweden.

A comprehensive program of ongoing curriculum is also available for undergraduate and graduate dentists.

Fatima Dental hospital:

1st May 1998 in Karachi Fatima Dental Hospital was founded. It has grown to become the prime dental hospital of oral health for their patients. The commitment of the FDH is public’s oral health, morality, science and professional advancement and approach to care of patients. The FDH works on local and national level to quintessential the dental health.

FDH center focus for children’s dental health. They provide the counselling to children and their parents, deliver precautionary oral health services and in its initial stages diagnose along treat dental disease. To maintain optimal oral health throughout the adult and children’s lives the ongoing dental care will help both.

Shifa Dental Clinic:

Established in 2001 with the involvement of a dental surgeon. To fauces with increasing number of the patients the dental clinic has prospered and grown into a state of the art modern dental clinic. Every other necessary accessories, equipped with a high-tech dental chairs, digital X-rays are available in the clinic. In the area it has become the center of excellence.

For sterilization it has a separate designated room and with type B latest autoclaves it is equipped. It has also a large waiting area. There are two medical officers and six consultants. They also provide individual braces/invisible braces which are fitted behind the teeth.

Their services are:

  • Dental implants
  • Dental Whitening
  • Oral Surgery
  • Children Dentistry
  • Root Canal Treatment
  • Orthodontics


Teeth are very sensitive thing so we should take care of our teeth. Once in a month we need to visit to our dentist to prevent a serious disease.


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