Dentistry Career opportunities in Pakistan


There are a lot of career opportunity available in our surrounding to avail. It is completely depend on us to choose any field for us in which we can prove our abilities and get growth. Some people select a profession just to make money or how they can earn more and more. But there actually are people who choose their profession for the betterment of human kinds. Medical is a very respectful profession as it saves human lives and people from severe and minor disease. Dentistry career is one of the important family member of medical. It is a vest field in which almost everyday something happening new.

In our country Pakistan people still think that is there any scope in this field or shell they choose the industry as a profession in future?

What is BDS?

The full form of BDS is bachelor of dental surgery. We all know that teeth is very important in our body, dentist is a person who look after for our teeth. This field is concerned all of the human mouth problem like, gums, teeth, and soft and hard tissues of oral cavity. The cosmetology is include which is the corrective treatment because dentist use a variety of cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of patients.

Remember, that a Doctor’s profession involve so much hard work, as he not only saves human lives as well as provides the satisfaction of treating patients. The profession has been very demanding not only from past to present, but even in future it will be.

Main purpose of work:

The dentist’s primary task is prevention & treatment of oral cavity disease, including oral cavity floors, roof of mouth, teeth, tongue, gums etc. Dentist also educate people with treatments about oral information and hygiene and how to safeguard a healthy mouth and how to avert dental problems.

Responsibilities of Dentist job:

What Medicares doctor perform are such as after examine your mouth they diagnose the teeth disease and tissues in the mouth and then treat your problems. Remove tooth decay, fill cavities, clean teeth of the patient. They do surgery on guns as well on as if required, helping the bones to cure gum disease. They provide diet instructions, brushing teeth and other dental care aspects.

Scope and career of BDS in Pakistan:

This is one of the biggest degree in Pakistan. The degree is not consider as a good degree in Pakistan but also throughout the world. There are a numerous students availing this degree program and many are going to give the exam this year in Pakistan. The BDS degree program is one of the priority for youngsters and medical students to brighten up their future by availing any good degree program.

Scope of the dentistry career is very high. The population of Pakistan is getting increase day by day and the ratio of teeth diseases are also increasing. So for that we need more and more dentists in our country. In addition increasingly complex lifestyles and continuous research have led to the emergence of various specialists in the field of dentistry. Furthermore, various experts in the relevant fields affectively cares for clients, due to their expertise, resulting in better behavior.

Following is one of the specialist doctor in dentistry field in Islamabad Pakistan.

Dr. Abrar and Associates:

Dr. Abrar is a dental surgeon who is running his dental clinic in Islamabad. Dr. Abrar is graduated from de’ Montmorency College of Dentistry in 1986 and in Orthodontics he received his postgraduate advanced clinic courses. Orthodontics means fixed braces. His another achievements are that he got training in dental implants, at faculty of Dentistry University of Toronto, (Canada). Dr. Abrar is a member of prestigious Organizations like International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

  • International Congress of Oral Implantologists.
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.
  • British Association of Orthodontics.

If you need a help of an experienced Dentist then Dr. Abrar & Association is the best clinic in Islamabad. They always available to help you whether you are concerned about the condition of your teeth. Also if you need any instant treatment for a specific oral problem they are there to help you. Dentistry has many areas and Dr. Abrar & Association is experienced and expertise in all the areas. They provide solution services to children and adults both.

All of their staff whether they male of female are highly qualified and experienced.

The best services of the clinic are following:

Invisible Braces, Dental Implants, Lumineers, Laser teeth whitening, Dental Veneers and Dental Crowns.

Career opportunities in Pakistan:

Government and private, both sectors are providing the large opportunity for this career. Most dentist run their own clinic. All of the armed forces of Pakistan you can avail the opportunity, poly clinics, nursing home, healthcare centers, teaching jobs in medical college, some research center proving the jobs. Now even in Pakistan but across the world this field present and future is very bright. Along with the high scope of the degree the salary is also very high.

Bottom line:

Teeth is one of the important part of human body, which not only plays an important role but a gateway to many diseases. People are less aware about dentistry degree program that this is one of the rising field in everywhere. There are huge bulk of jobs available in private and government sectors.


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