Different Types of Bread Available in The Market

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Bread is one of those staple food that is consumed throughout the world in surplus amount. It contains many nutrients which are very useful for human body. There are many different types of bread available in the market. In some part of world, it was not only considered a food but rather white bread was taken as status symbol as everyone was not able to afford it. But white bread is not healthy for human body so now who can’t afford healthy bread eats white bread.

all sorrows are less with bread

Miguel De Cervantes

Bread is of many kinds. Different countries have different types of bread which are their specialty. Some people say that the bread makes them fat which is not true at all. Try to intake whole grain bread also known as brown bread. It contains all the basic nutrients and is very healthy for human body. Following are the different kinds of breads available in the market.

white bread

White Bread

White bread is not actually healthy for human body. it contains refine flour from which all the nutrients are removed. They contain high glycemic index which increase our blood sugar but this dissolves quickly and we again start to feel hungry. Though white bread is very tasty but it is not healthy at all.

Different Types of Bread

Whole Grain Bread

Whole grain bread is very healthy for human body. It contains low amount of glycemic index making the body feel full for a long period of time. It contains all the basic nutrients. Whole grain bread also contains fiber which helps in digestion along with that it contains vitamin e, b, iron, zinc in small amount.

rye bread

Rye Bread

This bread contains vitamin b and magnesium and helps to develop the lactic acid bacteria which is use to prevent intestinal problems. This bread remains fresh for a longer period of time then other bread as it has more water content in it.

corn bread

Corn Bread

Corn bread is made up of corn flour and it contains vitamin e and magnesium. It doesn’t contain gluten so it’s perfect for people who have some kind of allergy with gluten.

Different Types of Bread

Buckwheat Bread

This bread is easily digestible and biological protein value is more. It contains amino acid, magnesium, and vitamin b.


Other than these there are many healthy breads available in the market like sour bread, oat bread, barely bread and many more. If you want to stay healthy then start to replace your white bread with whole grain bread or any other healthy bread.  These breads make you feel full without inducing much calories in body.


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