Different Types of Curtain That Make Our Home Look Elegant


Everyone wants to make their home look beautiful and elegant. And for that they decorate their home with different beautiful things. One such thing is curtain. Now most people must be thinking that how a piece of cloth can make their home look beautiful. So the answer is simple. There are different types of curtain available in the market that not only helps to obscure the light of sun to come in the house but also add drama in the house.

different types of curtain

There are different types of curtains available in the market that vary in shape, design, texture and color. It helps to maintain the privacy of the house and also helps to complete the look of the house. Without curtains the windows look awful and it seems like it is unfurnished.

Now there are many types of curtain available in the market demanding on their style and opacity. These are as follow:

panel pair

Panel Pair

Panel pair curtains are basically the two separate curtains that are hang on the window. You can place these on either side of the window. And when you want privacy or want the light not enter in the room, you can simply close the curtain by pulling each panel together. These styles are popular in classic and contemporary style.

single panel

Single Panel

Its same like the panel pair curtain but in this there is only single panel. One single panel covers the whole window. If you want to open the curtain, you can pull the curtain on either side of the window. This is popular in modern and casual styles.

Window Treatment Set

It’s the complete window set that will make your window look full. It mostly contains one or two curtains along with the valance. Some of them also include tieback and curtain rod.



Valance is the short curtain that hangs at the top of the curtain. They are used for decorative purposes. They are mostly included in the window treatment set but are also available separately.

Window Scarf

It’s just like the valance but its long than the valance and is thin fabric that hung from the top of the window. It is use to create dramatic look.



This is the optional that comes with the normal curtain. They are used to add more privacy and stop the light. They are also use to stop the noise which make it more valuable.


These were the few types of different types of style of curtain that are available in the market and help to make the home look beautiful and complete. Some people are obsessed with the curtain and like to experiment with them as it makes their home look beautiful. Are you the one who is crazy about the curtains? You can get information about all the curtains shop in Pakistan from e360pk website.


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