Digital Camera took over Film Camera


When we were small’ in our childhood we used to have small film cameras. They were our treasure. We used to love our cameras more than anything else. When one used to go on trip or on special occasion they used to take only few pictures because of the space the film had in it. A simple film used to take only 36-40 pictures. People used to click only some special moment. The pictures were used to store in the film and then developed later on and didn’t have any view option to view it after clicking it.

The 1st digital camera was invented in 1975 but it was not in practice as it only used to record black and white pictures. 1990 was the changing period for the camera’s. New digital camera came into being for commercial purposes. These digital cameras used to capture pictures and store them into the memory card which were later can be seen on computers or on the camera screen. Digital camera has sensors in them. The distorted image taken by digital camera could be edit more easily.

Digital camera had better resolution then the old film camera’s. Their storage capacity is much better than the film camera’s. There is virtually no cost in taking the pictures so we can take as many pictures as we want to. They work on battery and memory card rather than films.

Digital camera cans also record the video along with audio which was not possible with the film camera. The whole new range of camera was used to shoot the video. So with the invention of digital camera the film camera lost its popularity and people switched to the digital camera. Because the features it was providing to its customer. It was one-time investment.


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