Downfall of Nokia


Nokia, the name of mobile brand we all are familiar with. This is probably the 1st mobile brand of many youngsters. This was the most famous brand of its time and people used to buy this brand because of the feature this mobile provided to its users. The old Nokia used to have many great specifications. It used to have radio, calculator, games and many more thing in it. People preferred to buy these phone. The 1st Nokia mobile was introduced in 1987 and its name was Mobira Cityman 900.

In 2007, apple introduced the iPhone in the mobile market which changed the vision of mobiles. It was not like the old qwerty mobile rather it was a smartphone. It used to have a touch screen along with many other features. People started to take interest in this new invention and iPhone received great appreciation from the audience. Nokia started to decline.

Apple was going on top in the market while Nokia was coming down. Nokia used to be on top of the mobile companies but apple took its place with its iOS operating system. It was because of the Nokia that the company suffered. The top management of Nokia thought that iPhone won’t receive any appreciation and people won’t switch to smartphone but their prediction went wrong.

Nokia lack in the adoption of the new technology. They were not ready to adopt the change which changed their fate. Moreover, Nokia sold its company to the Microsoft which was already in the phase of downfall. When every mobile company was busy in designing the new mobile technology and smartphone, the Nokia didn’t accept the change.

Change is important for growth and betterment. One bad decision can destroy everything. It was because of the Nokia upper management that the whole company suffered and eventually everything was one should be flexible enough to accept the new changes.


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