Benefits of Drinking Water for Better Health!

Drinking water is a key

Drinking-Water Benefits:

The earth’s surface is covered about 71% of water, and oceans consuming 96.5% of all earths’ water. Water exists almost everywhere, as water vapor water exists in the air, in lakes and rivers, glaciers, etc. So you can see how much water is important in our life. People cannot survive without food and water. You can go more without food for three weeks but drinking water has a separate story. Today I will share some useful drinking water benefits with you.

Human body and water:

The adult body is made of at least 60% of water and to keep functioning the living cells in the body need it. So you can get the idea that how many days a human can survive without water? An estimate idea is here that approximately one week or depends on the person’s condition of its body. In cooler temperature, you can go a little longer, but in hotter temperature or if you are directly facing sunlight than it would be less.

Because of the sweat, the body loses the water, through the bathroom and even when we breathe out. The human body constantly losing water that is the reason that keeping the body replenished glass of H20 a day is not enough. Dehydration is the main cause of having not enough water in our body.

Sources of water:

We get water from different sources, like food and liquids. But the main best source of water is drinking water. Allah gave us different seasons which have their own benefits. In the winter season, our water intake is very slow, some of us reduce it to one or two glass of water a day.

So to full fill, this lack of water Allah made some fruits which some % the need for water can fill. Oranges, pomegranate, grapes, pears, cranberries, and apple are some fruits which somehow can take the place of water.

Source of weight loss:

Water is only a liquid that safely reduces your weight. To keep you fresh and healthy water play an effective role in this regard. Drinking water regularly, restrain your hunger. Taking Lukewarm water is very beneficial. Mixing a half lemon in Luke warm water with a spoon of honey can exclude your fat.

Water is a calorie-free liquid, therefore, plays a significant role in losing weight. Other beverages like juice and milk are very helpful to keep the human body hydrated.

Freeway to look younger:

In the medical field, there are a lot of doctors and dermatologist who keeps you younger through some treatments. These aging treatments cost you expensive. As well as these treatments are not long-lasting. To prevent yourself from these costly treatments the best source is to drink water, which is free of cost.

your skin and prevent dryness. Drinking enough amount of water fight skin disorders like dry skin, wrinkles, and eczema.


Some ailments such as kidney stones, flu drinking plenty of water fight against them. So if you don’t have a habit to take enough water in your daily life or according to doctor advice 8 glass a day, then go to your nearest cooler take a large glass of water and try this practice eight times in a routine. Water is a fundamental feature in our lives in strengthening our immune system.


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