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Educational institutes
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Education teaches us and give us the awareness to distinguish between good and evil. Education teach us how to think positively, ethical values, and how to behave in society. There is no other powerful weapon than education, and we can use it to change the world. Pedagogic is the only thing which makes the difference between humans and animals. Education Institutes are the place where we go for learning. Education institutes aware us about everything.

In these days education is very easy to get. There are many ways which makes easier for us to learn various things. Different schools, colleges, universities and institutes are working in this regard.There are different departments and field in which people want to learn and grow. for this purpose there are many institutes has built up.

Educational institutes play a very important and certain role to achieve the educational target in our life. This is not a place where we only get a book related education but to interact people and learn lots of things from our teachers and our classmates. Here we will discuss some of the main and well-known educational institution.

Universities in Pakistan:

Capital University of science and technology:

This is a private university which is situated in the capital city Islamabad and established in 1988. The university offers a programmers are undergraduate and post-graduate. This is the institution which established by the by the group at Lahore. The group is increasing its network to various cities in Pakistan. Punjab College of business administration and Punjab College of Computer science both have emerged as business and computer science institutions under the umbrella of the Punjab group of colleges. The government of Punjab has awarded another charter to this group in recognition of its services in education.

After the school’s success in Lahore in 2003 resource academia was established in Islamabad. The education which the institute will provide in junior level from Pre School to grade 8 and from A level to A level at senior level. The group goal is to emplace a nationwide network of schools.


The university has departments of Bioinformatics and Biosciences, Computer Science, Pharmacy, Mathematics, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

University of Balochistan:

This is a public university which is located in the down town area Quetta, also called as Baluchistan university. June 1970 is the year when the university was established through an ordinance issued by the then Governor of Balochistan. University of Balochistan act passed in 1996 by the provisional assembly of Balochistan. Thus becoming the only general university in the province, providing the higher education to the University of the Arts.

University Authorities:

Authorities of the University are following:

  • The Senate
  • The academic council
  • The Association
  • The Board of faculties
  • The Board of studies
  • The Advances studies and research board
  • The Selection board
  • The Regulation committee
  • The Affiliation board
  • The economic and planning committee


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