Show it worth, save the earth

clean your enviroment

Environment is everything that is around us. Environment protection is second important thing which is necessary. There are different forces includes natural, chemical and physical. We are facing different kind of pollution issues in the era we living in today. As time goes on, our environment is becoming polluted, like water defilement, pollution, a climate change. It is very natural thing that to find the solutions and ways to keep our planet clean environment protection is necessary.

Many of us think that we are not enough to make a difference, but we can make a positive result if we take action. Today we will look at the steps, big and small, you also join the steps.

We should start it from our home, street and area where we live. Every good thing should start from our home.

Many of us after cleaning our homes throw the trash outside the house or in a street drain, where the blockage become and the drainage system cannot sustain clear which produce mosquitoes, dingy and pollution.

So before doing this we need to think, we need to think that the outside area is also the part of our houses. Everyone should take that responsibility. Along with this you should report to your local council member who is responsible to hire a sweeper for the local area.

Contact your leaders, Make your voice heard:

Start to collect the peoples who has awareness how to keep clean the environment. How strong your group is the more strong your voice became. The party leaders or the local representatives whom are the position because of your votes they need to hear from you.

Here are some ways you can deliver your concerns and ask the corporation.

• We can write a letter to the local newspaper.

• Attend the local council meeting or can even arrange these type of gathering.

• Try to speak some NGOs who are responsible for such kind of projects.

Keep clean while walk surrounding:

Many of us throw the plastic papers, disposal wastes, straws, packets in a way after eating something. You have to through that into trash box or if u don’t find such things please keep them with you and throw it in your home dustbin once you reach there.

Our government ban plastic bags which is a very good step towards to clean the environment. It should be ban all over the country. Instead of that we need to use disposable bags. Or replace it more sustainable alternative. In plastic grocery bags the products useful life is sustain less than an hour.

We need to keep our city and area green. The more we produce plants and trees the more we make the environment clean and green. By planting a tree you can make the oxygen purify for your kids.

The industrial area and factories also is one of the major reason to pollute the environment. Government should construct the industries and factories outside the population.


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