Famous Pakistani Breakfast to Kick Start Your Day

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Breakfast is the 1st meal to start the day with. It should be healthy and also tasty so that you can have a really good morning. Pakistan is famous for its rich culture and traditions. In Pakistan you can have a breakfast which you can’t find anywhere else in the world.There are many famous Pakistani breakfast that you should eat if you are in Pakistan.In Lahore people especially come from far flung areas to enjoy the delicious breakfast. Food street is famous in Lahore for its colorful breakfast. In Rawalpindi if you want to have heart full breakfast that you should visit kartar pura though it is always so busy and you have to wait for the breakfast but it is still worth it.

Following are the famous Pakistani dishes which everyone loves to eat in breakfast to kick start their day.

Famous Pakistani Breakfast

Halwa Puri

If you visit Pakistan and haven’t tried halwa puri then what was the point of coming to Pakistan. no visit is complete without eating halwa puri. It is one of the most common breakfast available in Pakistan a you can get it from anywhere.

Puris are made up of thinly rolled dough, which is splashed into hot oil or ghee. This hot oil makes the dough to puff and form a crispy layer on puris making it crispy from outside and soft from inside. The halwa is the sweet pudding which comes with puri. Along with that achar and chickpea curry is also served to complete the dish. This is the perfect combo of sweet and spice to start the day.



This dish is most famous in Karachi but it is also available in different regions of Pakistan. Mohammadi nihari is famous for its nihari as they serve different varieties of nihari. They have beef, mutton, chicken and even camel’s nihari. In Karachi javed nihari is famous.

Nihari is a think curry in which they put the beef or and other meat’s shank. And spices float on the top surface along with oil or desi ghee. It is garnished with ginger, chaat masala, coriander and lemon.



Paya simply means leg. The recipe is quite simple but the taste is highly complex. The secret ingredient is that the meat is slow cooked for a very long night let’s say a night before serving it. It’s because of the slow cooking that the taste of the bones come out and make it as delicious as we can dream of.

Red oil and spices are added making it tastier. It is usually eaten with fresh naan or roti.

Famous Pakistani Breakfast


Though you meet find it ordinary if you are living in Pakistan but if you are tourist and visiting Pakistan then paratha is something which you should eat. Paratha is a simple and easily available throughout Pakistan. Women also make them in their home as it is very easy to make. They are basically the ball of dough with is rolled in round shape with flaky layers and then put on the hot pan with little amount of oil. You can eat it with anything curry, egg or even tea to enhance its taste.

dhood pati

Dhood Pati

Ending the breakfast with delicious cup of dhood pati. It is not the simple tea which is available everywhere. It is something that is only made up of milk and tea leaves and no water is added. No breakfast is complete without it.  


These were just the few breakfast ideas. if you are visiting Pakistan for the 1st time or living in Pakistan and haven’t tried these breakfast then you should try them. These are the famous desi Pakistani breakfast. Which one do you like the most? Do share you views with us in the comment section.


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