Common Types of Fashion Bangles in Pakistan

Fashion of bangels in Pakistan

Bangles which are commonly known as Chooriyan. Women love fashion bangles because of their feminine texture and nature, which looks delicate on the wrists. Bengals are equally popular and admire among both married and unmarried women. Usually, married women wear gold bangles to represent their marital status. Especially in India the wedded women symbol of status are red bangles. That is their tradition.

types of fashion bangles

In Pakistan at different occasion’s ladies wear different types of fashion bangles. In some rural areas of Pakistan, bangles have a very traditional value for married women. For married women having bear arms is considered offensive. Bangles are for all from toddler to older. People also exchange bangles as a gift. For Pakistani women, bangles are the most embellished gift. Bangles that have become a regular feature in Pakistani culture have now changed into a fashion statement.

A wide variety of bangles can be seen in attractive colors and designs. For special occasions, bangles can afford as a present like mother’s day, sister day and on Eid, etc. In Pakistan, you can find a lot of varieties of bangles to choose from for your different festivals. In ancient times bangles were also in use which was made from shell, copper, bronze, etc.

kinds of fashion bangles

Various types of bangles are available in the Pakistani market. Today I will tell you the different types of bangles. Different types of materials use in Bangles, it is expensive and as well as non-expensive like gold, silver, plastic, glass, platinum, wood, etc.

Glass bangles:

Glass bangles are manufactures through various stages. The main raw material which is used in making glass bangles are Soda ash and silica. Glass bangles are round in shape. Glass bangles are plain and some are decorated with zari glitter. These bangles are mostly used in weddings, Eid festivals. Glass bangles are normally worn with shalwar kameez, lehnga, churidar pajama. The variety of colors you will find in this type which you can match with your dresses to enhance more the desi look of yours.

Metal Bangles:

Metal bangles are always in fashion. They made its purest form and it comes in different colors like silver gold and bronze. Metal bangles mostly go with western outfits, which still makes you feminine with a model look. They are beautifully polished, which makes their looks even more sophisticated. You can wear this type on any occasion while it is eastern or western.

Gold bangles:

Gold bangles are quite expensive type in bangles. In Pakistan, it is commonly worn in wedding. With the bride looks, it further adds to the beauty of the brides. People made a complete gold set with gold bangles. But it is not necessary that the bride should wear the whole gold set or afford. Only gold bangles are enough to adorn the complete look of a bride.


So the bangles are always in fashion. From ancient times till now this the most beautiful thing which every woman should wear. This is the symbol of femininity.


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