Features That Almost Every Smartphone Have


Smartphone is one of the best inventions of all the times. The 1st smartphone that was launched was by job Steve. He introduced iPhone in the market and with this the fate of mobile phones changed. In the past mobile phone with buttons were use but now it has replaced by the touch screen. Every smartphone has almost the same features.

Let’s just discuss some basic features which almost every smartphone have

mobile camera


Every smartphone at present have this feature. They have cameras of different mega pixels and use to capture the memories and record videos. They also have front camera which is use to take the selfie. People who have little knowledge about technology usually get inspire with this feature. They prefer to buy the phone that have good quality camera in it. We can also record the whole event with the help of our mobile phone. It also records sound during the video recording.

GPS Navigation:

This feature is very useful to find the location if you are going to some new place and you don’t know the areas around you. You just have to put the address in the navigation bar and leave the rest on the mobile phone.

mobile bluetooth features of smartphone


Bluetooth is use to transfer the data from one mobile to another or if some laptop has the option of Bluetooth then we can also transfer the data to the computer without any data cable. IPhone don’t have the option of Bluetooth. It doesn’t allow sharing data through Bluetooth.

Wi-Fi and Data Connection:

Wi-Fi and data connection both are used to connect the mobile with the internet. When we connect Wi-Fi then we can communicate with the world with the help of our mobile phone. We can share messages, pictures, posts, videos, emails by the mean of our mobile phone by having secure internet connection.

mobile battery


Most of the smartphones comes with build in lithium battery. We can’t take the batteries out from the mobile. A fully charged battery can last for 24 hours.

Clock and Alarm:

In the past people use to set alarm on clocks and wrist watches but with the advent of mobile, this way of setting the alarm have changed. Now people set alarm on their smartphones. And also the use of wrist watches is reducing.

features of smartphone

Games and Entertainment:

You can download a number of games from play store or app store. In the past there were only few games like snake, bouncing ball and we were not able to download any new game of our choice. We can also download different songs, movies, seasons in our smartphone.


With the invention of smartphone many things are left out. Like in smartphone we have now the scientific calculator which is use at advance level.


The smartphone comes with different storage capacity depending on the ram being installed in it. It is used to store images, videos, applications, movies and much more.


There are many other features that smartphone offers but these were some of the basic features. Which mobile brand do you use and does it offers all these feature? Are you planning to buy a new smartphone? If yes, then share us why you want to change it in our comment section.


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