Fertilizer is Use to Increase the Production of Crop but How?


Fertilizers are basically the chemical that are used to increase the production of crops and plants. Living in 21st century with almost 7.8 billion populations, it becomes difficult to feed all the individuals. Fertilizers are used by families and farmers to increase the production of crops to feed all the individuals. It is not only use to increase the production but also it is use to improve the growth and color of the crop and plants. Fertilizer is use to increase the production of crop.

Fertilizer is Use to Increase the Production of Crop

Fertilizer is mainly of two types which are further classified.

Inorganic Fertilizer

These are made up of artificial chemicals available in the market to fulfil the nutrients need. It if further of following type

inorganic fertilizer

Nitrogen Fertilizer

As the name shows this fertilizer contains nitrogen which is the substitute of the chlorophyll. It helps in the process of photosynthesis.

Phosphorus Fertilizer

The main element in this fertilizer is phosphorus along with other nutrients. Phosphorus is very beneficial for the growth of roots of the plants.

organic fertilizer

Organic Fertilizer

As the name shows that these are the fertilizer that are made up of natural ingredients. These are obtained from plants and animals. I increase the carbonic essentials for plant growth. It increases the production of organic content in the plant, reproduction of microorganisms and also changes the chemical and chemical quality of the plants. It is obtained from

  • Agricultural Waste
  • Municipal Sludge
  • Livestock Manure

Fertilizer is of many uses along with the growth of crop and plants.

Efficient Source of Nutrients

The inorganic fertilizers contain predictable source of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. They get easily dissolved in the plants and reach to the cell where it is needed. This increases the production of crops on commercial scale.

grow plants faster

Grow Plants Faster and Bigger

As the fertilizer contains all the basic nutrients so it is use to make the crop grow faster and also in bigger size. The crop that is not given fertilizer don’t grow efficiently.

Improves The Color of Crop

These fertilizer uses to improve the color of the crop. The green color of the plant is because of the chlorophyll. Nitrogen is use to substitute the chlorophyll and improve the color of the plants.


The world production is increasing day by day and we should try to increase the production of crops so that every individual can get the food and basic nutrients. Try to use fertilizers that are beneficial for the crop and not harmful. If you want to buy fertilizer you can contact e360 through their web portal. They will guide you properly. Do you love gardening? If yes then do you use any fertilizer to make your lawn look more green? Do share your experience in the comment section.


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