Fiber Optics Training Course Institute in Islamabad


In the past simple copper cables were used which transferred the data at a very slow speed. The excess use of internet increased the demand of fast speed. This fast speed was made possible because of the fiber optic cables. With the emergence of new technology fiber optics training course is becoming important. This course is made to give the students an idea about fiber optics and how the fiber data is transmitted. After the copper cables were replaced with fiber optics, the number of jobs increased as they need more people to install and work on these optic fibers. There are different courses being offered by different institute to train the individuals the basic and advanced level of knowledge about fiber optics.

This course it basically designed for the people with IT background or computer science but that is not necessary ‘anyone with passion to learn new things can join this course. Following is the best institute in Islamabad  for giving training to the students about fiber optic cables.

Sina Institute of Networks & Aesthetics

Sina Institute of Networks & Aesthetics offers fiber optic training. The Fiber Optics Training is intended for anybody who is keen of learning essential fiber optic systems administration and turning into a Certified Fiber Optic Technician. This course additionally acquaints the understudies with industry principles administering FTTD (Fiber to the Desk), FTTH (Fiber to the Home, LAN/WAN fiber systems, and essential combination and mechanical joining. Supplemental hands-on sessions will incorporate multimode OSP link. This program considers the history and eventual fate of fiber optics and fiber optics abilities. This examination will incorporate both mechanical and combination joining strategies along the real OTDR follow sessions. Fiber Optics Associate Course Islamabad brags information fiber optic systems administration, has immense hands-on understanding, and have inside and out reference material.

The following is the course outline

·         History of fiber optics technology
·         Introduction to fiber optics
·         Optical fiber cable installation and restoration
·         Jointing splicing & connectorization
·         Test and measurement techniques
·         Training video
·         Test and measurement equipment
·         Hands-on-experience
·         Tools and accessories
·         Labs

This course is important in today’s era and SINA institute is providing quality training to its student who want to learn something new.


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