Fight Acne from These Home Remedies Easily

home remedies for acne skin

Teenagers usually face the problem of acne on their face when their hormones are changing and they are growing up. This may make them insecure and loss confidence. There is various treatment available in the market that claims to reduce the acne problem but they are so expensive that everyone can’t have access to it.  So the simple solution is the home remedies. In these remedies we make use of natural products that are easily available in the home and are not that much expensive. We can fight acne from the home remedies easily.

These remedies make the skin glow and clear. The result of these remedies may be slow but as it is natural so it won’t have any side effect. Following are the organic home remedies that are used to fight the acne.

lemon and honey to fight acne

Lemon and Honey:

Lemon and honey tighter do the wonders. It contains vitamin c and it helps to lighten the skin. Whereas honey is use to moisturize the dry skin. Cut the slice of lemon and put some honey on it. Rub it on the skin in circular motion and use it after 30 to 40 minutes. As acne is mostly because the skin is dry so this remedies help to remove acne and also remove the scars caused by acne.

Fight Acne from Home Remedies Easily


Steams helps to open the skin pores and remove the toxin from the skin. Every time you go to salon, they use this technique to remove the dirt particle which can cause acne from your skin. You can do this at home by adding some oil in the water and make steam of it.


Ice is use to close the open pores. When the pores are close they help to reduce the invasion of bacteria in the pores thus reducing the risk of acne. Rub the ice cube of skin for like 10 to 15 minutes.

tomatoes and yogurt for acne skin

Tomatoes and Yogurt:

Tomatoes are rich source of vitamin C’K’A which helps to reduce the inflammation. Mix tomatoes and yogurt and make a thick paste. Rub it on skin in circular motion. Wash your face after 30 to 40 minutes to see the magic. You can also rub the simple tomato on your face directly. It helps to reduce the acne and also lightens the skin.

clay mask for acne skin

Clay Mask:

Just like steam clay mask are also use to open the pores and remove the toxin from the skin. They make the skin glow and reduce the acne.

Healthy Diet:

Diet plays the important role in causing the acne and other health problems. Eating oily food and junk food effect the skin badly. Try to drink 8 glass of water a day and include a lot of fruits and vegetable in your diet.

Fight acne from these home remedies Easily These were few of the home remedies which you can use to make your skin better and acne free. Have you used these remedies? What were the results? Do share your reviews in the comment section.


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