Financial advisor overview roles and responsibilities

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Who is financial advisor?

You may probably wonder that who is a financial advisor and what does he do with your amount of money? This professional financial advisor guides you with financial advice to clients for compensation. This financial advisor are responsible to provide you the services of investment management, tax planning and state planning as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • A financial advisor is often more responsible than performing business in the market on behalf of his clients.
  • A financial advisor can be an individual agent or probably an employed by a large financial firm.
  • Advisors use their own knowledge and expertise to create personalize financial scheme that aim to meet client financial goals.
  • Contrariwise stockbrokers who fold up orders in the market, on behalf of their clients financial advisors make informed decisions.

Roles of financial advisors are many:

A financial advisors must be an educated, experienced, and should know professionally how to work on his client’s behalf. Let’s suppose you have some plans, like you want to retire in 20 or 25 years or you have a plan for your child to send him in a private university in next 5 years. The financial advisor is your planning partner that’s why you may need him to make successful these plans, that’s the reason where the financial advisor comes in.

You and your financial advisor will cover many topics with each other. It can be the amount of money you should save, kind of account you need, type of insurance which probably you should have, and tax planning.

The financial advisor is also an instructor or educator, who advice you or help you to understand what should be involved in your future goals. In the start of your relation as an advisor and a customer or client, your discussion and topics could be budgeting and saving. As you improve your knowledge the advisor will guide or help you in perceiving compounded investment, insurance and tax dealing.

Firstly the financial advisor trying to know and understanding your budget health, because you won’t be able to plan for your future without knowing that where you stand today. Typically, he will asked you to complete the detailed written questionnaire. It is depends on your answers that how it helps the advisor to understand your status and make sure that you don’t miss or ignore any important information.

Financial Advisors in Islamabad:

Tariq Qazi Management:

Management Consultant is located in Islamabad Pakistan. This is the organization of management, accountants and consultants, providing quality services in all the field of financing and in business developing. They have an experienced team who provides a complete satisfactory guidance to their clients regarding their queries about any service. After a detailed study of their client’s need they offer affordable and workable solution?

Their Services:

The services which they provide are Training and Development, Registration & Licensing, IPO Registration, Audit & Assurance, WeBOC Registration, Costing & Managerial Accounting, Tax Services, Financial System and last but not the least Financial Analysis & Reporting.

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Iserve Company:

They also one of the good company in Islamabad who provide their services from the use to the business owner under one umbrella. You will find each and everything regarding any services over there at one place. As the digital world made our lives easier so Iserve also. They have an application which you can download in your device and from one app you can find your desired service.


As we revealed that a financial advisor is a person who can proper guide you and assist you under your budget. He is an agent who helps you to make your future plans a reality through his professional experiences skills.


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