Fire Fighting Equipment Dealers in Pakistan

Fire fighting equipments

There are different type of fire fighting system and equipment contain in every building of fire fighting. But it also depend that different fire fighting building contains these equipment and system according the size, age as the basis of the building structure. A building might have some or all of the following like. In my previous blog I wrote about the fire fighters that how they prevent us from harmful situations. Today I will share with you the fire fighting equipment suppliers in Pakistan. These are high profile fire fighting equipment suppliers.

• Fire extinguishers
• Fire hose reels
• Fire hydrant system
• Automatic sprinkler system

Here we will share some info about the home fire equipment suppliers in Pakistan.

Zims Security:

Zims is one of the leading security company which is situated in Islamabad. They have security alarm system which they import from UK. The software which ZIMS use also been developed one of the most famous company in US.

The products which they provide are:


This is uses to alert people in surrounding in case any emergency happened.


The product is used to arm and disarmed system. It has three different emergency buttons for police, fire and medical emergency.

You can find further products on their website.


Elakta is a standard driven company with only the best equipment available in carefully integrated systems designed to gain an empirical perspective on current and future needs. The company is established in 2000 and they have professional staff with hand on experience.

They have a variety of security products despite home security. The company is situated in Karachi Pakistan.

786 Security Solution:

786 is one of the leading security company located in Lahore Pakistan. They providing latest security surveillance system. The products which they provide are CCTV cameras, walk through Gates and metal detectors. They have professional network video surveillance equipment and security accessories especially for commercial, government and law enforcement agencies. The company is operating since 2014. The fire fighting equipment is also provided by 786 security solution in line with the international safety standard and specification.

Universal Fire Protection Company:

The company is located in Rawalpindi Pakistan. Their products included fire extinguisher, C.C.TV system, Fire alarm system, Exists Signs, Emergency Lights, Fire Cabinet, Nozzles, Hydrant System, Hose Reel, Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Suits and so on. These all are imported products which they import from U.S.A China and U.K. for some particular systems they prove repairing services.


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