Firefighting Equipment’s That You Should Have in Your House

firefighting equipments

Safety is always the 1st priority of every person. We always look you’re the things that keep us safe from every hazard. What will happen if the fire cracks in the house and you don’t have any precautions? Fire is very dangerous; a single spark of fire can burn the whole house. It’s always important to have some precautionary measures. Most of the fire cracks because of careless attitude while cooking and leaving the gas stove on, keeping the heater on while sleeping, short circuit etc. There are number of tools available in the market which use to keep us save from fire. And these are the firefighting equipment’s that you should have in your house.

building on fire

Buy and install these firefighting equipment in your house to keep yourself and your family safe from any hazard. Following are the most useful firefighting equipment you can find from anywhere in Pakistan

Firefighting Equipment’s in your house

Fire Doors

Fire protecting doors are especially made to protect you from dangerous fire. It is very important to install fire doors to protect from any danger. The doors are made up of solid forms, wooden composite with protective seal. The normal door burns down in just few minutes but the firefighting doors takes almost 30 minutes to catch fire. You can run from fire in this time.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are friendly way to keep the home safe from fire. They are available in different size and shape. Fire extinguishers usually contain water, dry powder, form, and different chemicals which are used to kill the fire. Some extinguishers are simple to use like shake and use while other are big and require proper assistance to use. P.A.S.S method is use for is working in which P stands for pull, A for aim, S for squeeze and S for sweep the nozzle. This firefighting equipment is not much expensive and it should be install at home to keep safe from fire.

Firefighting Equipment’s in your house

Fire Sprinkle

Automatic fire sprinkle is famous worldwide. It detects the fire and works on its own. It works by using the power of water. The water comes with pressure from hydrant or direct water pipes and slowdowns the fire. This is the best firefighting equipment’s that you should have in your house.

fire hose

Fire Hose

Fire hose is basically a long pipe that holds the water threshold and throws the water and extinguishes the fire. It is kept in the cabinet so it can easily be roll up.

Flame Orb

It is basically a chemical that is use to suppress the fire. It is much like sand but more effective then sand. Flame orb is kept in the firefighting is best to use on flammable liquid flows.


Home safety always come 1st. most of the homes are constructed in such a way that they can easily catch fire. This equipment is very important to fight the fire. They save our life, family, home.

Have you ever being in danger because of fire? What you did to save your life? do share your experience with us in the comment section.


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