Fun Things To Do In Summers Without Spending Much


People usually don’t like summers as the environment becomes too hot. They feel lazy and exhausted because of the heat waves. Now the question arises that how we can make our summer time fun and enjoy every bit of our life. In Pakistan people usually like to travel to the cold regions like Murree, Nathia Gali, Naran Kaghan with their families. Now this is possible if you have handsome amount of money as you will gave many expenses like fuel expenses, food and stay. People with low budget can also enjoy the summer time with the help of our post. Following are the fun things you can do in summers:

Go For Hiking

Summer is the great time to hike without spending much. This time of the year is ideal for hiking as the day are long and mornings of summers are beautiful. Go to hike early in the morning. If you are living in Islamabad the capital of Pakistan then you can see that a lot of people go for hiking. You can meet a lot of your friends on trial 5, 6, 3.


Visit Sea Sight or Beach

Summer is the ideal season in which you can visit the sea or beaches with your family and friends. You can prepare the food at home and can take it with you and enjoy the delicious homemade food near the sea shore. Visiting the sea sight can actually be healthful for your body and brain.

sea or beach sight

Go For Camping

If you love to adventure then you should definitely go for camping with your friends. Take some uncooked food with you and prepare the meal during camping. Don’t select dangerous place for camping.



If you love to explore the world and love to discover new place then you should try to go for biking around the roads on motor bike. It is budget friendly trip and you should go during the summer time as the days are long and you get more day light.

Indulge Yourself in Sports

Summer is the great time to indulge yourself in different sports. You can play basketball, football, volleyball, etc. Swimming is also a great fun activity to do in summers.


Have you ever indulge yourself in these activities? If yes then share your experience with us and if no then what are you waiting for. Gear yourself up and get yourself involve in these fun activities.


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