How to grow tomatoes & vegetables in a container?

how to grow tomatoes & vegetables in a container?

I’m going to cover how to successfully grow tomatoes and other vegetables in pots. Now many of you might not have garden space or a backyard and you’re growing in lots of vegetables in your apartment and you’re growing in pots. However grating parts can be a little bit tricky. It’s not hard to do but it is a little bit tricky to grow vegetables in parts usually get a good harvest. The first thing you want to do is actually grow in clay pots. There is a certain pot size you need to grow tomatoes eggplants chilies and stuff and in a smaller clay pot, you can use to grow even strawberries or lettuce.

Clay Pots:

Clay pot for how to grow tomatoes

Smaller clay pots are really good with vegetables and other plants that have a smaller root system. But for the vegetables and other plants that have a bigger root system, you need to have bigger pots. Now the reason you want to have clay pots is because clay shields from the heat from the Sun. If you grow in plastic parts the roots are going to get hot from the heat of the Sun and your plants are not going to do well. The second thing the very crucial thing you want to pay attention to is the kind of growing medium that you use you want to use potting soil. You can actually by putting as well from a big-box store. Or you can just get some garden soil or very fine soil add some compost to it.

Add some coconut oil to it maybe some worm castings to it and make your own potting soil. The potting soil is the mixture of garden soil which contains stops soil. Some wood shavings and parting soil also contains peat moss and vermiculite and some other properties as well. Put more soil to the top of the container completely and then you can add some coconut oil to it. You know how to prep your containers so add coconut coir because coconut coir is actually really good at retaining moisture.

Coconut Coir:

This does wonders in retaining moisture the problem that most people have growing in containers is they don’t have enough moisture in the growing medium in their containers. Or they have too much they actually over water their plants. So mix up all and coconut core is going to absorb excess moisture and actually release moisture to plants as plants need up to actually kind of regulates the moisture in the container. So let mix it really well so that the coconut coir gets a mix in there good. This way make the container ready with the growing medium that we need to grow other plants.

When you adding a plant to a container is to add the plant really deep. The tomatoes love to be planted deep and they will actually output more roots from the stem as well. Cover it up press it and water the plant after planting. So you can also grow tomatoes from cuttings as well.

Strawberries in hanging basket:

You can grow strawberries in a hanging basket you can easily hang this on your balcony to grow strawberries. So first you need to partings soil in the hanging basket. The hanging basket is lined with coconut husk we actually shield it from heat as well and allows for drainage as well just to retain more moisture in the hanging basket. After this is done plant the strawberry plants just push the roots down keep the crown right at the soil level. You don’t need to submerge the crown below the soil level and you don’t need to expose the roots either. So one is done for the second one to make some space for it to add the roots right into the growing medium. Cover it up the second one has been planted as well.

The third strawberry plant planted as well in the same way. Now use some wood shavings to the top of the soil so that the soil retains more moisture. Now after that water it so the strawberries you can plant this way. How easy it is to start growing plants in containers and you can have a garden. Even if you live in an apartment. Now a few things to make a note off you only want to water your containers. When the soil begins to dry up especially Tomatoes you don’t need to overwater.

A big mistake:

One of the biggest mistakes that have been made in gardening is overwatering. If you keep overwatering your plants you cannot drown your plants. That’s why it was also very beneficial to add coconut coir because it absorbs excess water as well. Now just scratch the surface of your containers up to two to three inches. And if the soil is dry at that depth then add water to the plants. Secondly, the plants don’t need a lot of soil to grow however they do need nutrients. So you need to add some organic fertilizer such as fish meal born. Meal chicken manure and stuff like that to your containers. If you’re growing indoors do not use chicken manure because it smells a lot.

You can use liquid fish fertilizer or you can use some sort of organic fertilizer. Pelleted fertilizers just bury them inside the soil and cover it up. So that it does not smell if you’re growing on a balcony that shouldn’t be a problem. Once you add the fertilizer in there the smell disappears in about two to three hours.

Wood shaving:

Add wood shavings to the container with a tomato plant as well because it helps you retain moisture. So the garden soil that you buy from a store contains topsoil and some wood shavings. The potting soil contains the garden soil which contains topsoil and wood shavings. But it also contains perlite it also have some compost it contains peat moss and stuff like that as well. Which is perfect for the green in containers however the potting won’t cost much more. What you can do is get some Gardens soil if you make your own compost you can add that in there.

Or you can buy some compost separately which comes out to be cheaper. And then you can also add coconut coir to it. Which is similar to peat moss but I think it’s much better than using peat moss actually like using coconut coir more. So what you can do is mix all these three up and make your own potting soil. Old potting mix which comes out to be much cheaper than buying it from a store.


Well, this is how easy it is to start growing vegetables and fruit plants like in containers and for ultimate success. Pay attention to the growing medium watering and fertilization and you will have a big harvest.


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