5 Hair Care Myths We Need to Know in 2020

5 haircare myths we need to know in 2020

Today I will be telling you five hair care myths or lies that we should stop doing and believing in 2020. So what do you do when one of the most notorious places for giving bad hair advice and giving hair myths by saying these are myths that you should do to your hairs. So let’s overlook that which hair care myths we should believe or not.

Number one is Frequent Trims:

trim your hair care myths

Frequent trims will make your hair grow faster now I used to be this person before who believed it. I really thought constantly trimming your hair is going to quickly grow your hair long but the thing is if you are frequently trimming your hair. You won’t be able to see the progress of your hair growth. If your aim is to make your hair longer. So it’s actually said that it’s good to trim your hair every four to six months.

It really depends on you guys if your aim used to grow your hair longer. So I think we can all agree that trimming or cutting your hair does nothing really for hair growth. Because our hair grows hair from on top and not really from the bottom. I think the only benefit of trimming and cutting your hair or split ends or damaged hair is your ends are going to look healthy. If you’re aspiring to grow healthy long hair. Trims are surely necessary but it won’t cost your hair to grow faster.

Shampooing your hair every day:

Shampooing your hair every day will make your hair shinier softer and fix your damaged hair. Now I used to believe in this line because back then my hair was really dry and damaged. The reason was my excessive use of heat and back then I was just so fond of dyeing my hair. I kept them dyeing and dyeing until I got the shape that I really want. But also in return, my hair got really dry.

shampooing hair care myths

It’s got really damaged and also it does a little shiny so basically, my hair just looks dead. Then what I saw a commercial on TV that this particular shampoo can revive your hair. Your hair feels soft and smooth and shinier and can make your hair healthy. They claim when you use that shampoo it’s just going to fix all of your hair problems.

Therefore I purchased the shampoo and I used day and night on my hair. Hoping that it would fix my hair but what happened? After I did that my hair got drier and my hair did not look like those girls in the commercial. Actually, my hair felt like a broomstick due to the constant washing.

You know if you consistently wash or shampoo your hair it strips off the natural oils in your hair. Therefore that’s why it’ll make your hair drier. So frequently washing your hair is not going to make your hair shiny, smooth or fix your damaged hair. So that’s why it is good and it’s recommended to wash your hair every other day.

I know that this issue is kind of like a case-to-case basis because some of you really have to wash your hair too. Either you are doing fieldwork or you’re exposed to dirt and pollution. Therefore you can definitely shampoo your hair every day but don’t expect that shampoo alone is going to fix all of your hair problems.

Honey can make your hair turn white:

Hair care myths of hone lighten your hair

I don’t think that honey has the ability to turn your hair white. I don’t think that honey alone can lighten your hair because you have to mix it with other ingredients. Or also exposing you hear in the sun can cost you somewhat make your hair lighter. But it will not make your hair lighter to the point that it will make your hair become white or gray at all.

Brushing your hair a hundred times:

Brushing your hair a hundred times per day will make your hair healthy. Now the key here is to brush your hair enough that the natural oils in your scalp is going to be distributed all over your hair. Because they said that the natural oils in your hair can actually move moisturize your hair and make your hair shinier. I think that part I do believe that but however, brushing your hair a hundred times a day, first of all, is very tiring.

Second of all, you can actually do more harm than good just because if your hair is very fragile. Sometimes over brushing it or over combing it’s actually going to cost breakage on your hair or it’s going to worsen your split ends and also it actually depends on how you brush your hair. I see some people when they brush their hair really hard. By doing this it can potentially break your hair and also give you unwanted split in.

So lets all chill with a hair brushing you don’t necessarily have to brush your hair a hundred times a day. If you want your hair to be healthy there are so many other ways you can do to make your hair healthy and look shiny.

Drenching your hair with Oils:

Drenching your hair with oil will make it more effective on your hair or will make your hair healthier and shinier. I’ve learned that less is more so meaning you don’t certainly have to immerse your hair in order for you to see any results on your hair. I used to do this before and I noticed my hair look really way down. And at first, they think that sometimes we should be careful of the oils that we’re using on our scalps. Because heavy oil in your hair actually cost your hair to fall out and I have actually personally experienced that before.

When I was heavily oiling my hair, I’m not saying boiling my hair. There’s a healthy approach to that but I was drenching. Later I realized that I had more hair fall. When I over the soap or drench my hair with oil especially on my scalp. If I’m ever going to oil my scalp I just mean that 30 minutes max and then I wash it off. But I never really leave the oils super long on my scalp due to that. So oils are really good I highly recommend it I use it on my hair and scalp and it works so well.

But the key here is moderation you have to use it in moderation everything in excess is not good.


I hope this review will work for you and you have learned something. However, let me know the comments down below if you guys are familiar with these hair care myths or haircare lies. Or you doing them or not doing them let me know.


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